Best way to get DP for emulators: FOOLPROOF!!!

#1CokebolaPosted 5/26/2011 2:56:48 PM
38 normal monsters of any kind (4 of them MUST be the Exodia pieces) 1 Head of Exodia and 1 Heart of the Underdog. Keep loading your save state until you draw Heart of the Underdog in your first hand, On your second turn, you will infinitely draw until the head of Exodia is drawn, then you must wait until your third turn to win.

If you have Heart of the Underdog AND the Head of Exodia in your first hand, it is a second turn win. With a extremely low deck bonus (0 cards in the deck at the end of the game) this deck gives about 3500-3700 dp per duel. Without a low deck bonus, it gives 2000-2500.
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#2edwinisemanPosted 5/28/2011 10:12:15 AM
Holy crap, a post!

Not really foolproof if your HotU immediately gets MST on either one or two of your pauses (getting HotU and Exodia head). Then you're stuck wading through countless Normals to get your Exodia.

I think the BEST method is Final Countdown. Even if it's 10 turns later to finish the duel, you can still rack up points by getting some of the other bonuses (low deck, low HP, Trap/Spell bonuses) coupled with the 2000 for finishing with Countdown. You can easily get 3000+ points, and it takes about as much time as it does to use savestates to get HotU in the first turn, especially if your deck only contains 1...
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#3SoBePosted 5/28/2011 12:10:54 PM
Playing on emulator, getting a lot of points doesn't really matter if you have enough to buy the max packs you're searching. You can backup your save, get the packs, and replace it to try again if you don't get the cards you wanted.
#4CRIM50NPosted 6/24/2011 4:08:20 AM
Or you could just use the cheat I hacked out for infinite DP.
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