Holy smokes, this is the best GBA game I've ever come across.

#1SlashtapPosted 6/11/2012 4:34:06 PM
I play a lot of WC2011, the latest DS game. Heck, I've sunk 500+ mindless hours into it. The one thing I dislike most about the more recent WC cartridge games is that you can't go backwards with banlists. You get one or two lists, and that's it. It's just really sad because the game HAS all the cards for previous formats, and it just teases you b/c you can't play those old formats.

Yesterday, I powered up this game, remembering that it had multiple banlists all the way up to 2006. It's been my first time in years. I did it in the off chance hope that I would be able to play Goat Control format, which most players designate the most skillful format in the game's history. Lo and behold, I AM NOW CONTROLLING GOATS. On top of that, this game is a lot more sophisticated than I remembered. O_O Obviously it doesn't come close to DS Yugioh games in terms of options, but it does have a lot of sweet features.

Yeah, the options + graphics + ability to play every format up through 2006 just makes this game excellent. My favorite GBA game of all time.
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