Evil Eye Gem help(SPOILERS!!)

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9 years ago#1
Can someone help me get Evil Eye Gems? I've beaten the game but i havent gone through the SG yet. Im trying Nymphs in the Lezard Tower but i havent got any yet. By upper body does that mean there chest or that big thing they call a head maybe?
9 years ago#2
the 7777 trick+Solomon's Ring+Blue Gale+Dismantle is your solution.
9 years ago#3
Well that's not an option for me. Is there any way else too work with?
9 years ago#4
Upper body is the chest. You can use overhead attacks (Aiming Wisp, Absolute Strike, Sweep Dive, Overhammer, etc.) to break the head first, then the body.

You could try Dryads on the Palace of Venerated Dragon, they're vulnerable to instant-breaking. Give the Blue Gale + Dismantle or Magician Slayer to an Archer with Binding Distortion.
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9 years ago#5
ok but whats the best position too attack them from? Front ' back ' or side?
9 years ago#6
Stand behind one. Have someone use Sweep Dive (or any similar attack) to break off their heads. Their bodies will fall, with their upper body facing toward you - use a low hitting attack, like Turnaround or Galewind. I believe that's how I did it; it's been a while.
9 years ago#7
Thank you! I need too make some Tiara's for the gate.
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