Best attack set to get evil eye gem...

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8 years ago#1
Anyone have a good attack set to use against Unlclean Globs or Dryads for getting Evil Eye Gems? So far I've had no luck from either monster... >.<
I'd prefer to farm from Unclean Globs (even if it means using only archer to hit the head) rather than going all the way into Palace and the poison room to guarantee Dryad encounter.
8 years ago#2
Sweep Drive? Absolute Strike? Any overhead attack when it's in default stance.
7 years ago#3
Dryad is better, instant-break it from above. You can also knock it down and use low-hitting attacks.

You don't need to go into the poison room to fight it. Try fighting the 3 enemies in the Experience Friend Law room.
Valkyrie Profile 2 and Eternal Sonata:
7 years ago#4
Rufus' attacks to the Unclean Glob's head (the thorn attack) ceases to break the head off =/
And I can't seem to break the body of the dryad's for the evil eye gem.....I only get red boots and cutting claw (I make sure to be facing their front body) and the chances are extremely low to find them in the experience friend law sealstone (1/5 chance or less)
7 years ago#5
What are you trying to make? I'd think you'd better move on.
7 years ago#6
I am trying to make a Mage Slayer and will keep trying to whether anyone tells me to just give up and use Greenery Slayer or not.

So far it is impossible to get evil eye gems from Dryads (I try using overhead and direct center body attacks)
7 years ago#7
Don't bother making one. You'll get better Bows and I think there's better uses for the Evil Eye.
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7 years ago#8
It's only good for the Tiary of Holy Empress. Not much value besides that.
7 years ago#9
Well, I'll be needing to get a Tiara of the Holy Empress soon anyways =P

Any specific attacks I can use against Dryads that won't send them flying all over? >.>
7 years ago#10
Seriously, if Sweep Drive doesn't work, I don't know what can. Sweep Drive is exactly what you're asking for.
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