Astral Maze!

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User Info: _Mogri_

7 years ago#1
Friggin' Astral Maze!

I had her down to 10% health. ASTRAL MAZE.

I can't believe it.

Astral Maze, ladies and gentlemen.
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User Info: Aisha

7 years ago#2
Use a Nectar Potion next time. It will protect your party against all status effects, except for physical Transfer (where you fall off a ledge or something). Just remember to keep using one every six turns or so.

User Info: Stoopid_Ryoko

7 years ago#3
Hahaha I've had a similar experience as well. Battle starts, I have Valkyrie use a might potion on Freya. I prepare to dash closer to her but accidentally took a step, ASTRAL MAZE!!!

Bam everyone gone. I lol'd then proceeded to own her face next time.
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User Info: CloudSith5060

7 years ago#4
IIRC, the Conqueror's Armor nullifies Transfer. So if you're using a HW, that's an option.
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User Info: Crimsonchalice

7 years ago#5
Actually Conquerer´s Armour gives 80% resistance to transfer. Mirage Robe gives 100 %, so an archer or a mage is better for fool-proof transfer protection.
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User Info: The_Blacknoah

7 years ago#6
You're not alone, TC.

Seraphic Gate. 2nd Run. My Uber Freya vs. Dog Odin AND Dog Freya. Easy peasy. Until I made a mistake w/ a dash. Landed just a little bit to the right of Dog Freya's attack range. Tried to dash out until... BAM. ASTRAL MAZE.


(I still love this game, though)
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User Info: _Mogri_

7 years ago#7
My SG party is Valkyrie, Brahms, Freya, and Lezard, but Lezard drops like a fly in that battle and I eventually came to the conclusion that I'd have to stop reviving him in order to deal any damage.

I'm pretty rusty, since I haven't played the game in a year, but I think the first time I fought her, I kept Lezard separate from the others. I have no idea how I kept him from getting Phantom Destructioned, though. What I do know is that I was better at landing Freya's Heavenly Strike or whatever it is back then.
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User Info: Crimsonchalice

7 years ago#8
You´re fighting E-Queen right. She is very easy if you know what to do. Decide on one damagedealer ( Brhams or Freya would do ) and have the rest for support. Make sure to by a big supply of Charge Break and set up accordingly.

Sealstones: Sword Blessing - Yggdrasil Blessing-Desperate Soldiers Law-Sharp Sword Law.
Have you´re designated damagedealer with the usual offensive set-up ( MDH - Dragon Rib- Bonemask (+frailty )+ WLC ( if you´re using a male character.

Skills Demon Destroyer - Magician Slayer- Fist of Iron

Let the rest of the characters help out with skills such as Break Up, Free Item, e t c.

At the start of battle use a might potion on dd and dash behind her and combo away. Make sure you´re dd gets to use most of the AP.

Now provided you manage to break her staff or shields E-Queen will always postpone her own attacks to repair her equipment, meaning you are free to use a Charge Break to repeat the process. You will never lose this fight unless you; 1. fail to break the guards or 2. Run out of Charge Breaks.
At least on 1 CR this techniqe has never failed for me. Try it out !
"C.Chalice - Dream or deceit ? Who will ever know ?"

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