Will this game work on my PS3?

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6 years ago#1
I have one of the newer 250GB models. I've only tried to play one PS2 game on my PS3 (Final Fantasy XI) and it didn't work. Thanks.
6 years ago#2

Are you 10? Why would you ask that here? Why would you go to a forum for a question like that before google?

A Ps3 with ps2 backwards compatability hasn't been made in years. No ps2 games whatsoever will work unless you have a 20 or 80GB original model (the ones that cost 5 and 600 dollars)

6 years ago#3
Are you 10? Why would you post such a childish response like that? Why would you attempt to insult me when I'm only asking a simple question? These seem like the actions of a 10 year old if you ask me. You could have just politely responded to my topic like a mature adult. Or you could have even ignored it.

Thanks for the reply though, the second half of your post was helpful.
6 years ago#4

Sorry, I was in a bad mood, you're right. It's still irritating how many people will ask simple questions in forums or websites hoping someone else will find the answer for them when these answers are easily found through a bit of searching on google. It's just plain lazy IMO.

6 years ago#5
I have one of the 5-6 hundred dollar models with full BC. and even with that this game is glitchy!

from start to ending, cutscenes, gameplay, during battle.. its like there is a never ending earthquake. constant shaking.
my disk is near perfect condition and I have played other PS2 games far worse than this one.. IDK
6 years ago#6
I played the game on my PS3 ever since and almost never had any trouble. It rarely freezes, but I heard it does so every now and then on the PS2 as well and aside from that there is 1 unpassable gate in Chateau Obesession with a quite useless treasure behind that I cannot reach. Other than that my PS3 runs the game just perfect.
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  3. Will this game work on my PS3?

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