Who is the best light warrior?

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5 years ago#1
I've looked at stat sheets, but there seems to be a lot of variables in determining usefulness so I've come to ask all of you who is the best light warrior type character.
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5 years ago#2
Celes and Fraudir (with an extremely small edge to Celes) for combo-based AP regeneration. This is probably the best function of the class.

Lywn for projectile damage, although I don't think this is too particularly useful.

Lenneth for physical damage, but heavy warriors and archers are better.

Valkyrie for elemental (holy) damage, but archers are generally better.
5 years ago#3
alright, celes it is then, thank you.
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5 years ago#4
Although it's possible to say that Fraudir's looks make up for the tiny edge Celes has on functionality.
5 years ago#5
I might try Fraudir on a second playthrough, because I don't have her on this one.
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5 years ago#6
A Kouji is right.

I just did a CR 8 with only light warriors and it would've been way too tedious if it weren't for Celes and Fraudir ;)

A little grinding on the side was no problem at all because of Celes' Dismantle skill. Still need that overpowered weapon to get through the story line easy enough in CR runs imo...

Maybe, just maybe she's a little too game-breaking for my taste, but the fact that Tylith has a 4:1 chance to get in your party through the Light Warrior Weapon in Serdberg instead of Celes is ok with me hehehe. I didnt get Celes until my 3rd playthrough, I actually had Tylith as the main damage dealer until Zunde haha :p

And also Kraken is easy enough with Celes and Leone as AP regeneration cows, once you get the timing right that is.
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5 years ago#7
"Although it's possible to say that Fraudir's looks make up for the tiny edge Celes has on functionality."

I personally think that a more practical reason for using Fraudir would be her superior combo versatility. Celes misses out on Tri-Crusade and Resonating Pain, so her air-combo isn't top-class. She has a poor secondary launcher and usually not enough CP available for a Scramble Attack, meaning she'll be dependant on other characters to fully utilize her ground-combo.

Fraudir on the other hand, has both a top ground, as well as air-combo on a reasonable level and the best thing is that she can use either of them in the attack string, which gives the player a lot more options. She can't do that without spending more AP than Celes on the other hand.

Granted, air-combos are not as important as ground-combos, but I think they deserve a mentioning. I also agree that Celes has a slight edge over Fraudir when you add up everything together, but Fraudir is definitely the combo-queen among the lw.s.
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5 years ago#8
Yeah, I was only taking into consideration AP costs. I never thought to consider air combos or launching ability, since I never bother with the former and have other characters handle the latter.
5 years ago#9
My favorite light warrior is Tyrith. I built her up like a tank, boosting her RDM as high as possible. =) Pretty cool stuff. She laughs off most blows at this point, and her damage is nothing to sneeze at either.
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