Please help : how do I get Bat's Ear??

#1KyoshiroMibuPosted 2/27/2011 12:23:47 AM

I think somebody should start a thread on breaking some "most wanted parts"... really
Or are there actually one somewhere already?
#2crate3333Posted 2/27/2011 9:16:18 PM
The part you have to hit is definitely tiny (you have to actually hit the ear and not anything else). Honestly there's no real reason to get Bat Ears anyway though; if you need dark resistance Curse Checks are a bit easier to find the parts for imo and if you need protection from frailty just use a Nectar Potion.
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#3s60yuccaPosted 2/28/2011 1:38:54 AM
use a prism gem, you will get it if you enough luck.
#4KyoshiroMibu(Topic Creator)Posted 2/28/2011 4:07:24 PM
How much HP does the ear actually have? And will instant breaking work? No doom resistance?
I think I'll just resort to prism gem. This item along with prism crystal helped me obtaining Arondight here at Chapter 3. I just couldn't remember where I got the prism crystal though...
#5CrimsonchalicePosted 3/1/2011 12:20:14 PM
Instant breaking works ( Beast Bludgeon ). Enemy parts don't have status resistances that differ from those of the main body ( they may have different elemental resistances, though ).

The hard thing is, as is already mentioned, to actually hit the right part. Personally I've managed to get one Bat Ear in several hundreds of hours of gameplay ( and unfortunately I don't even remember what character and attacks I used ).
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#6s60yuccaPosted 3/2/2011 3:36:14 AM
just use prism gem you will get it eventually. i dont remember this part HP but prism gem do a good damage - about ~700