I think they should make VP3.

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actually a story when Lenneth is reborn in her own timeline would suit better for me. a continue from her story where Odin is no more, she is the creator, but thanks to lezard distortions of time he is still alive, older and wiser (more powerful) and a new villain. 2 villains fighting against each other for power, while we try to stop both. they decide to join forces for awhile to defeat us before proceeding with their own battle. 2 villains. many options. many endings. i dunno. i doubt something as VP2 with so much itens, skills and strategies and combinations would attract today's players. they seek uncomplicated easy to beat games. AKA FFIII-2.

edit: i heard many people say this game is hard. yes, HARD. that's one reason FF-X was so overrated. 3 itens to equip. single attacks. predictable easy to beat with a hand inside my b**t. god i hate this new generation.
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^Raphael, I am totally with you about the difficulty of games. There does seem to be some interest in games like Dark Souls where it is a lot about timing and a bit about getting the equipment right but not a lot of rpgs anymore really require/reward a lot of preparation for each encounter.

And look, in no way am I suggesting that you should feel differently about the next VP game but from my point of view, there is a very fine line to be walked in games: it is really nice to play a Tough Guy. Nobody really wants to play a reticent emo/childish character but at the same time if your character is too powerful - what the hell is the point? I would think that would be my concern about another Lenneth game - especially after the events in VP1. She can basically make/unmake reality. What the hell could anyone do to that? Answer: likely nothing.
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i had an awesome plot idea for VP3: Hrist, where she in a different time falls in love with reborn lezard and all....i looked untill page 15 and didn't find.no1 made a comment either.
i thought it was really cool. the new villains would be the new lord of the undead and rufus as the lord of asgard. an adult ull and freya are in too.

too bad i forgot, and can't find. i should have e-mail'd to tri-ace.

btw: thor should totally be in but near the end with multiple endings, he could join you or fight you.
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