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When farming with a Brilliant Peacemaker team at Chateau Obsession... (Archived)Ecclesiastes27346/29/2013
Question on Sealstones (Archived)Angelwatch4236/29/2013
anyone wana race on slr :P ? (Archived)RezardVales26/21/2013
A moment of reflection... (Archived)jannedaarc196/21/2013
Trying to Understand a bit more (character related topic) (Archived)
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Has anyone beaten this game over 50 times? (Archived)Ehero2666/19/2013
Clarification for my third playthrough (Archived)
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How would they go about making a new VP? (warning: spoilers from vp1 & 2) (Archived)SlickSlicer16/10/2013
Training skills (Archived)forcium8736/1/2013
My thoughts about VP (Archived)lesserJack85/30/2013
again few questions (Archived)aniversary65/10/2013
Noob trying to complete this game for the first time without a FAQ (Archived)gildedtalon85/4/2013
best armor (Archived)aniversary25/4/2013
Beating 10 runs in Seraphic Gate with no Stat-Boosting Items Possible? (Archived)sleepingmonster55/1/2013
getting tyrfing (Archived)aniversary24/29/2013
Good Attacks on Lenneth, Silmeria and Hrist (Archived)sleepingmonster74/29/2013
defeated ethereal queen in nice time (Archived)aniversary44/28/2013
if i use both magician slayer and god destroyer (Archived)aniversary24/27/2013
how much do some acessories boost ATK like admantite or empty shell when silence (Archived)aniversary34/27/2013
so which characters are considered the absolute best? (Archived)
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