i don't get the story *spoilers*

#1yakuza6Posted 8/22/2008 10:18:43 AM
Could somebody explain the story to me. I beat the game but am not really sure what has happened here. This Iíve got:

Ppl start disappearing in the city. Two teams are sent to recon, the first team is killed and your team goes through various missions trying to find out whatever info the first team got. You find out that the city is overrun with vampires, which are lead by 4 head vampires, who work for Lord Hasnel or something. They are preparing for a ritual which will make the rain rains blood and change all the remaining humans in the city into vampires. Your mission is to stop them.

So far all's clear, but...

As you approach the end of the game you learn that general Dixon has sent another group of super soldiers to eliminate the head vampires and your team, so that a global war with vampires can start (?). Your team tries to intercept them, so the war won't start and innocent ppl wouldn't die (?). You do so by forcefully trying to eliminate the super soldiers before they kill the last head vampire, only so you can kill him yourself (?). After that you meet and kill Monique and let the last vampire live, so he can start the same thing somewhere else.

Thrown in the mix are:

Kelly who's there to sabotage your mission (?) and who have had tons of chances to do so, a little ghost girl appearing in random places throughout the game (?), and a professor hired by the vampires who tires to help them figure out who they are and why cause they don't know it (?) and who comes to the revealing conclusion that they kill ppl to reproduce.

It all doesnít make any sense to me, am I missing something?