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Did anyone notice?? (Archived)MarkT098765111/3 11:04PM
Last little sister glitch? Won't come out of the vents? (Archived)NeoGeoXSega17/20 2:47PM
first playthru (Archived)NormnStansfield15/29 5:34AM
uh is it going to be explained why the protagonist started the story? (Archived)Alexanaxela55/28 3:02PM
Okay, I'm loving this game, but that scare was NOT acceptable!! (minor spoiler) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
KurtKokaine4115/4 8:19AM
Is the, "easy->switch to hard at last boss," Brass Balls cheevo glitch legit? (Archived)Hvv0l24n914/28 2:13PM
Check Inventory? (Archived)Christian21j14/26 2:42PM
Big Daddies walking around on the ocean floor?... (Archived)KurtKokaine434/25 10:15AM
Difficulty setting doesn't change ending outcome? (Archived)ElectricDoodie44/25 10:14AM
How hard is the hardest difficulty? (Archived)BAEx1074/25 10:08AM
Time Between Infinite and Burial At Sea Doesn't Make Sense (Archived)tdim037524/11 3:14AM
Bioshock vs. Bioshock Infinite (Archived)BBestvin14/4 3:51PM
Big Daddy boots glitch (Archived)RickGotti13/26 10:03AM
Wondering if I should get it? (Archived)jorhead22/18 8:44PM
Brass Balls Glitch help.... (Archived)KisukexUrahara12/16 6:41PM
Brass Balls Question (Archived)Shadow_Prime22/4 9:10AM
lot of disks (Archived)NormnStansfield31/26 11:40AM
Bioshock $4.99 1/7-1/13 on Xbox Live Marketplace (Archived)MightyKerminatr71/13 9:36PM
How hard is hard mode compared to infinites 1999 mode? (Archived)IHazCandy4You212/9/2013
Need Help (Archived)EvolutionBaby311/27/2013
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