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How useful is the Telekinesis Plasmid? (Archived)CrunchBandicoot67/27/2012
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If you harvest the extra little sisters can you still get the good ending? (Archived)Outlawzero47/12/2012
Need some clarification on Brass Balls. (Archived)Shado Man37/1/2012
My Hard Mode, No Vita-Chambers, No Plasmids, Wrench Only Run (Archived)
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The devs dont really have a high opinion of gamers to they?*Late game spoilers* (Archived)igniz1200046/29/2012
Thinking about selling this game. (Archived)TGAkuma56/27/2012
So is most of this game just fetching things to restore the status quo? (Archived)BlitzKing90046/26/2012
Here's what I think the beauty of the big scene is. EXTREME SPOILERS (Archived)qlaxmicmizzel3826/24/2012
It's 2012.. still worth the purchase? (Archived)BoringBob86/23/2012
How do you get the Title Update prompt to appear again? (Archived)KnickKnack1226/23/2012
Neptune's Bounty Missing Little Sisters (Archived)ThereWasNoWay66/16/2012
Can't find any Nitro Splicers for research. Help? (Archived)Swoopalz16/3/2012
Survivor/No Vitas question (Archived)rigglezips26/2/2012
Something bugging me and some other little questions (Archived)Gaara_fan65/27/2012
What happens through out the game if you harvest the sisters? Spoilers (Archived)Rygon45/7/2012
i decided to get this game almost 5 years late, and i must say... (Archived)blackflag2994/23/2012
Need a new run idea (Archived)
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random question? (Archived)WarHead201174/12/2012