help with Map creator Zip Line

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8 years ago#1
as the topic says I need help figuring out how the thing works I dont know how to get it to extend (get longer)
8 years ago#2
place it, then go to edit mode and you can move each post individually
8 years ago#3

thanks I finally get Zip Lines working much appreciated

8 years ago#4
no prob... and if you make it go thru a hill you can swim around under the map and pop out wherever you want:twisted:
8 years ago#5
I noticed that but I forgot to ask something else how do I use the Blow Darts in MP? I place em in the map but they never actually transfer into the game
8 years ago#6
ya gotta be playin predator. only way they show up, since theyre meant for taking out predators - one hit kill
8 years ago#7

The map editor is fantastic.

8 years ago#8
especially when you know all the tricky little ways to use it... sudden deadly drops kidden by bushes and secret passageways are great for playing against anyone who didnt watch you make the map
8 years ago#9
one last do you get the overhead view of the map to come up?
8 years ago#10
i dont think there is one... just angle the camera straight down, and zoom out. thats what i always do
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