Changing Your Faction Heir?

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8 years ago#1
In Rome Total War it was easy to change your faction heir through the family tree, but not in Medieval II! Does anyone know how to change your faction heir, instead of just allowing your prince to die in battle? I prefer to keep my leaders as the first born son of the King, as I am a first born son and grow attached to my General's who are of the direct royal bloodline. I find that the Father's Legacy trait grows dominant if you keep the heirs in the same branch of the tree.
8 years ago#2
Unfortunately the CA thought it a good idea to disable the possibility of picking your faction heir while at the same time screwing up the system as much as possible by picking the worst combination of the most unrelated to the current king and most incompetent family member in your tree as the next heir if the king has no son of older than 16 at the time of his accession (which means 99% of the time). To make matters worse and even more unrealistic the faction heir will never change unless the current heir dies even if the king's son comes of age in the meantime. There's absolutely no way to change this since this is hardcoded so no mod will ever come out to fix it.

Yeah, you guessed right, I'm pretty pissed off about this too. To me it's important who's my people's leader and I think this is by far my biggest problem with this game.
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8 years ago#3
Thanks Gino, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure that out. You're right, that alone lowers the game rating, I mean comon, would the Kings of the past really chose a wimp to succeed them? Look at Braveheart, the King of England knew that his son was a joke, "for the mere sight of him would cause the enemy to attack."
8 years ago#4
I love Braveheart especially when he throws the guy out the window
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