Invalid CD key trying to get online?

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8 years ago#1
ok i got an invalid CD key warning when i tryed to log online how do i fix this?
8 years ago#2
I got the same message too... SU*KS!
8 years ago#3
all the zero's in your cd key are Naughts. this O not this 0.
8 years ago#4
ok i reinstalled typed the cd key in with capitals downloaded patches now when i log in online it says connection lost.... try again failed to log on. my connection is fine i can play rome total war online
8 years ago#5

Leadsails, if you're using the Gold Edition, are you able to log-on when you use Americas, Brittania, Crusades or Teutonic?

On Vista (32-bit), I'm able to log-in with those four so long as I have "Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms" (kingdoms.exe) allowed in Windows Firewall. No such luck with regular Medieval 2 however, even with "Medieval 2: Total War" (medieval2.exe) enabled. I had to disable the firewall temporarily in order to connect. I've tried enabling all the ports listed on a thread on the official forums so that I wouldn't turn off the whole firewall, but so far the only thing that seems to have worked is killing Windows Firewall.

8 years ago#6
Since I can't edit my message, I'd just like to add that disabling your software firewall isn't an option I'd recommend unless you're sitting behind a physical router or firewall. :)
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