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8 years ago#1
I killed the pope in battle, and he has no more territory, yet I wasnt un-excomunicated, and the pope is still going on as normal. The pope even died, and a new one was elected- with me still excomunicated. Any ideas? I even used the toggle_fow command to look around the whole map. No pope.
8 years ago#2
Sorry, sounds like a glitch.
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8 years ago#3
It's not a glitch, the pope is still alive, but he can't exactly live in the settlement that's trying to kill him. My guess is that he's still with whatever faction he is native to. Try checking what civ he's from and searching their lands. If you still can't find him, he could be halfway across the world or maybe the pope doesn't appear on the map if he has nowhere to live
8 years ago#4
In my game as the turks, the pope (without settlement) randomly appears near Rome (now mine) after every few turns. Sounds like what the above poster said is possible, the Pope may be "off the map" for a few turns.

But why are you still excommunicated after the new Pope is elected?
8 years ago#5
Oh and thus I wonder, can you completely kill off the Papacy? I assume once all catholic factions are dead, there will be no more Pope.
But what if your a catholic faction yourself, anyone tried? Do you still suffer the excommunication penalty?
8 years ago#6
Not a glitch that the Pope died and still excommunication continued?
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8 years ago#7
i dont think you can kill off the papacy. Once playing as Egypt, i occupied all of the Italian peninsula and the Pope has the annoying tendency of respawning near Rome (although this may be because there was a Papacy army there which i never bother to get rid of). As for TC question, i think it is a glitch since every time a new Pope is elected, all excommunicated factions will be forgiven.
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8 years ago#8

i guess its just a glitch? Ya, pope died and im still excommunicated. I just figured originally that when i killed the pope, someone from my faction would become pope, but i don't think i had a cardinal at the time...

Ill just wait for my leader to die I guess.

8 years ago#9

Sometimes the elected Pope comes from one of your opponent's cardinal and he will hold the same grudge against you. I really don't think there's any way to completely destroy Papacy, unless you try destroying all Catholic factions and capturing Rome, never tried that before though.

And I heard others say that when the Pope has no city left, one of the Catholic factions will give a settlement to the Pope.

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