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7 years ago#1
Hi, I have come to gamespot and purchased a download of Medieval Total War II gold edition. It downloads then locks up if while I attempt to install. I have downloaded it 3 times and tried it on two computers, one with xp and one with vista. My main pc and the one I wish to install mtw2 on is on this following notebook. I have played two previous versions of Total War and love the game, and I really wish this would work. Help!
Acer 5920

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 (1.8 GHz/ 2 MB/ FSB 800) Chipset Intel PM965 Express RAM 2048 (2x1024) MB DDR II Display bright (220 nit) 15.4" WXGA (1280x800) display with Acer CrystalBrite technology, 8 ms response Graphics 256 MB nVidia 8600M-GT

NVIDIA GeForce 8600M, 256 MB GDDR2 VRAM, up to 1024 MB with TurboCache technology (up to 768 MB is allocated from system memory*), support for NVIDIA PureVideo (WMV HD, High Definition MPEG-2 Hardware Acceleration), Microsoft DirectX 9 and DirectX 10, OpenEXR High Dynamic Range (HDR) and PCI Express HDD 160 GB SATA (5400rpm) Optical storage DVD RW (Super Multi) Audio Dolby-certified surround-sound system with two integrated stereo speakers (Acer 3DSonic) and one subwoofer supporting low-frequency effects. Dolby Home Theater supporting Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Live, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital Stereo Creator, Dolby Headphone, and Dolby Virtual Speaker Intel High-Definition audio support S/PDIF support Acer PureZone support - it uses two built-in microphones for high-quality recording and better voice rendition. Communication 4 x USB 2.0 1 x HDMI with HDCP support 1 x VGA 1 x ExpressCard/54 5-in-one card reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO/xD) 1 x S-video/ TV-Out (NTSC/PAL) 1 x CIR 1 x IEEE 1394 1 x AV-In (in some models) 1 x TV antenna (in some models) 1 x RJ-11 1 x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) 1 x headphones/speakers/line-out with SPDIF support 1 x mic-in 1 x line-in 1 x connector for the AC power adapter I/O ports 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet port (1GB Lan) 1 x RJ-11 Modem port 1 x S-video 1 x SPDIF (shared w/ Line-out jack) 1 x VGA port 1 x PCI Express Card (Type II) 1 x Mic-in 1 x Line-out 1 x Line-in 1 x Port Replicator Jack 1 x C-in for power supply Power supply ACPI 3.0 supporting Standby and Hibernation modes 71 W 4800 mAh 8-cell battery pack (Li-ion): up to 3.5 hours life Acer QuicCharge support: 80% charge in 1.0 hour, 2.0 hours recharge time with power off, 2.5 hours with power on 3-pin 90W AC adapter Extra Built-in Acer Crystal Eye digital camera, support for Acer PrimaLite technology (in some models) Warranty 1 year Dimensions and weight 364 x 270.2 x 30.8/43.7 mm 3.00 kg
7 years ago#2

Do you have any firewalls stopping it?

7 years ago#3
This is a bit odd and embarrising. Right after I uploaded this question, the game began installing. I will explain....I had begun to install about 30 min ago and forgot about it, and it took it that long for it it to begin. Up until now I have been using Task Manager to stop cancel the installation with in the first 5 min of what appeared to be a lockup. Now it is downloading more files, looks like it could take another 4 hours of downloading files in addition to the initial 4 hours of downloading files. I hope it runs after these files are downloaded,...crossing my fingers "grin".
7 years ago#4
well, 30 min later, the download stopped and it said there was something wrong with my internet connection, geesh. No, to my knowlege, I have no firewalls stopping it.
7 years ago#5
Problem, when I click MedievalTotalWar.exe, it takes about 10 min before the install shield begins. It then reports it needs to download additional files before installing. A window called Medieval Total War pops that has a simple bar showing download status. For about 20 min it will show that it is downloading a file called "MedievalIITotalWar_Mov.001". Downloading seems extreamely slow. I watch the progress with windows explorer and it appears to be downloading a file called "Medi9357.rra also. Eventually the Download fails and a window pops up saying "Trouble with internet connection" or something of that sort. Here is what I did to finely get it to download the aditional files....I checked and turned off Windows Firewall completely. I also logged of my wireless router and logged on to a neighbors wireless router. But honestly, I think finding the firewall and turning if off was the cure.

Here is how you do that...(Vista)
Go to your Windows Control Pannel
In the default Vista view, you will see "Security" with a shild icon next to it.
under that,....Click Allow Program through Windows Firewall
Screen will go dark and Windows will say it needs your permission to continue, lol, say yes.
A new window will pop up and you can turn off the firewall off completely for the duration of the install

Its not done downloading files yet, I expect that will take some time so I am taking the time to type in this reply , but it seems to be downloading them with out problems now.
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