Someone give me advice in the teutonic campaign.

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6 years ago#1
Ok here is the deal. I am playing lithuania.

1.)I captured all of TK territories on the left except for the fortress that houses the faction leader.
2.)I captured the TK capital and the castle below to the right of the capital.
3.)TK captured my province directly below their old capital
4.)Somehow, the TK allied with poland, and poland declared war on me and took one of my villages.
5.)Im allied with novgorad, but every attempt i ask them to help me against tk fails.
6.)I tried multiple times, and the only way poland will make peace with me is if i give them multiple territories, which i cant do if im going to win. I even offered them 4k florins, and it still says very demanding.

So here is what im thinking. Im thinking i will just cut my losses to the west and let poland get a few towns, and take my biggest army, which is in their old capital right now, go north and wipe out the rest of Teutonic Knights territory. THen it will only be a one front war for me. At the same time try to ally with the Mongols, which are the only other non christian faction. Then maybe later on break my alliance with the russians (novgorad) since they are doing nothing for me and take over all of their territory.

Give me help wot.
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6 years ago#2
so nobody plays teutonic campaign?
"between my woman and I, we make around $250k and by no means are we wealthy"- destertdroog
6 years ago#3
Eh, Im sure everyone here has tried dabbling in it at least once. Im sure you'll find some better help if you go to Total War Center Forums. Those guys know strats inside and out. I know the Teutonic Campaign is deceptively difficult.
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6 years ago#4
Okay guys, i have an update. A lot of stuff has happened the past few weeks. Some good, but mostly bad:

1.)I captured all of TK territories except marienburg. (the big fortress on the left next to poland)
2.)The Holy roman empire allied with me, broke off their alliance with TK and attacked poland.
3.)Ever since poland was attacked by HRE they havent taken a single province from me. (they have been at war with me almost since the beginning)
4.)Out of the 3 provinces poland took from me, i took back one, and im only one province away from marienburg, effectively wiping out the Teutonic Knights. Im going to build up for a few turns to make absolutely sure i can kill them on first try.

1.)Out of about 10 of my provinces, all of them except for 2 or 3 have 2 or 3 units in them. I am terribly vulnerable and depleted of soldiers right now from the constant fighting with the TK and poland at the same time.
2.)To make matters worse off from bad point #1 the mongols declared war on me a few turns ago and have taken minsk. With the majority of my forces in the west next to marienburg and the north after fighting the TK so much, my eastern border along with the mongols is mostly undefended. Luckily they only took one province so far. After the mongols attack this puts me at war with 4 factions- Teutonic Knights, Poland, Mongols, and rebels.
3.)The TK just sent 2 armies of about 15 full units towards my biggest towns. I have no where near enough troops to repell both. Im hoping my attack on their one and only capital will distract them.
4.)My income is so low right now that i only have enough to recruit or retrain about 3 or 4 units per turn. With the amount of troops coming at me from the Teutonic Knights, Poland, and Mongols I am vastly outnumbered.

Summary: So basically, right now, i am terribly outnumbered by the poles, TK and mongols attacking me together somewhere close to 5-1 ratio or troops. Poland hasnt attacked me for several turns now. Im thinking my only hope of even coming close to winning is if the HRE occupies Poland long enough for me to wipe out the TK and bring my forces over and push back the mongols. THen when i either wipe out the mogols or make peace with them i bring my troops back over to weakened poland and wipe them out. This will take atleast one to two dozen turns to accomplish, but after 3 or 4 tries poland and the mongols refuse to make peace with me. My only other ally is Novgorod which i repeatedly asked to attack the mongols and poland and they refused. So i am stuck right now.
"between my woman and I, we make around $250k and by no means are we wealthy"- destertdroog
6 years ago#5
Ok guys. New update:

1.)I just wiped out the teutonic order
2.)Poland still has not attacked me in about 7 turns now. I saw them send several troops to the west.
3.)Mongolia is only sending tiny small armies against me. All of them I crushed with clear victorys and exterminated survivors (so far about 2-3 armies).

Things are looking alright for me now. Im going to attack poland maybe once or twice more and hopefully sue for peace and give their territories back to them. THen im going to focus all my troops and wipeout the mongols.
"between my woman and I, we make around $250k and by no means are we wealthy"- destertdroog
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