cant play without CD???

#1b-h-mPosted 5/1/2011 12:10:43 PM

hi there . i have Medieval 2 total war Gold Edition . ( not copy ) . 2 CDs for sure

installed it and play fine .. but my Q now . why i cant play without the CD on laptop ??

is there any chance i can play without having the cd work ! that suck i install the game and by it to play as i like

and now i cant play without i put the CD??


#2Insanity_184Posted 5/1/2011 3:40:04 PM
Oh my god, please tell me english is your second bad at it but that hurt my eyes and brain.

Ok, nost games require the cd, why whould you need to play it without the cd in the first place is the question...

and as far a i know theres no way to rip it off the cd then again you chould buy the steam version that work
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#3funguy2233Posted 5/1/2011 5:22:50 PM
You can find a no cd crack on the net if you look.

I also got tired of using the disc and did this to save some time and hassle. It won't affect anything. I can still log into my online account with no problem and play.
#4CacciatoPosted 5/7/2011 7:13:43 AM
Oh my god, please tell me english is your second language...

That's one of the most hypocritical things I've read on this board. And why would he need to play it without the CD? He just said it was for his laptop. Shockingly, people bring laptops when they travel, and some people don't want to have to drag CDs with them. I know! I was surprised as well.

As for the topic, you'll have to search around the web for a NO CD crack. Unfortunately we can't provide a link for you.