Fighting turrets is so frustrating..

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6 years ago#1
The grenade arc keep snapping onto the turret. I want to throw it around and hit the enemy mounting it. How do I make the auto-targeting thingy stop!? Or at least be able to make it snap onto the enemy and not the turret. (thought I think that would kind of take away from the challenge..)

In previous levels I was able to bounce a grenade off a wall or something so that it hits the guy not the turret, which is the only way I can do so without snapping onto the turret. But I'm in chapter 3-1 and encountered a turret in which I was not able to do this. It's freakin cheap. Help appreciated.
6 years ago#2
L + R targets the turret. Aim like you normally do to hit the Helghan scum. pro tip: both methods will damage BOTH the turret AND the enemy.
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6 years ago#3
The turret protects the enemy.

and I don't want to target the turret or the enemy. Either way the grenade hits the turret and as a result does not knock the guy off.
6 years ago#4

Turrets have shields at their front. You may need to go to sneak close and aim for the turret controller.

6 years ago#5
There's no way to do this because the grenade always just snaps on to the turret.
Even if I throw it at the guy it just bounces off the turret.

as far as I can tell there is no way around this.

Maybe there is something in the options though? to turn off auto-aim?
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  3. Fighting turrets is so frustrating..

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