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Resident Evil 4 getting a true HD treatment, based on the real life assets used (Archived)EternalWolf11/21 11:44PM
Is Ultimate HD better? (Archived)papaya19/25 7:16PM
Mercenaries would be perfect with online co-op (Archived)NotSnowske19/25 8:50AM
Does this version have the same problems the 360 and PS3 version had? (Archived)Talks19/12 6:11PM
Not working with my 360 controller (Archived)Jack_Ryder_201318/6 6:16PM
60FPS looks great, but does anyone else get frame drops in certain areas? (Archived)gna64747/18/2014
What to sell before finishing the game!? (Archived)Neil_Machine17/16/2014
Save file issues. (Archived)humanspider714/21/2014
It's Out! Who's Got It & How Are The Keyboard/Mouse Controls? (Archived)TylerGamer8453/24/2014
We're finally getting the PC edition we deserve and this board is dead? (Archived)NOM102/20/2014
this isn't the PS3 rip right?? (Archived)LinkSyth51/28/2014
Mouse Support (Archived)rjk880721/24/2014
play Biohazard 4 without install (Archived)orieabdullah18/7/2013
Who here has this mod? o_o (Archived)UnderwaterAir25/23/2013
What's the quickest time Pro/New Game/Normal Costume(No Trainer,Cheats,Glitches) (Archived)nestrosales24/18/2013
Hannigan not Hunnigan (Archived)Mujika199113/20/2013
Silencer in main scenario. (Archived)DonKain42022/27/2013
High res graphics patch--where can I get it? (Archived)Nitephall210/8/2012
Question about 360 gamepad. (Archived)Doober224/17/2012
Does the UK ver. work with USA ver. mods? (Archived)Shin_Gouki_200014/5/2012
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