My Install Key...Please Help

#1SpecOpsLouiePosted 6/14/2008 3:52:29 PM
Hey when i installed my copy of resident evil i pulled the install key off. Well later my computer caught a virus and i had to do a system restore which wiped my computer and when i went to reinstall it i could not remember my code. Does anyone know how to get the code or can i get a new code?? write me back with help...thanks alot.
#2darkprince45Posted 6/14/2008 4:57:09 PM
Try to contact ubisoft. If not torrent the game
#3HosedAndHappyPosted 6/15/2008 6:11:56 AM
You're either lying or you're stupid. Why would you pull off the cd-key?
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#4SpecOpsLouie(Topic Creator)Posted 6/16/2008 12:22:56 PM
yea you are right i am kinda stupid for doing that. I jut did not want someone to take my game and use my key. Were wouled i be able to torrent the game?
#5darkprince45Posted 6/17/2008 7:27:53 AM
Well we can't tell you where to do get it from. First you have to get a client. Google it.