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5 years ago#1
Hi, I'm just starting my first run on PRO mode on RE4 and I was wondering if I'm being overcautious with my ammo/healing items and if I can loosen up a bit or if I'm doing the strict necessary to go through Professional mode.

I just finished Chapter 1-1, had a little trouble in the Village and I ended up going up the ladder and jumping down on that tower to go through it (the trick with the house in front of the Shotgun house didn't work D=).

I bought a firepower increase for the Shotty and the M Suitcase and my inventory is as follows:

Handgun (10 bullets inside) + 127 Bullets
Shotgun (6 shells inside) + 16 Shells
2 x Hand Grenade
2 x Incendiary Grenade
1 x Flash Grenade
1 x (G+R+Y)
3 x (G+R)
1 x Green Herb
2 x Golden Egg
4 x Brown Egg
1 x First Aid Spray

I reckon I may be overloaded on healing items, but I'm a bit paranoid as it's my first run on PRO. So, what do you think? Overcautious or should I keep doing what I do to be able to get through?
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