Wheres Celine's quest walkthough?

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  3. Wheres Celine's quest walkthough?
7 years ago#1
A week or so ago there was a topic about what was required to complete Celine's Quest. The topic seems to have been deleted or something. Does anyone know what happened to it?

I'm a little lost w/ Celine right now, and that list of things to do to complete her quest would have been helpful.
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7 years ago#2
The following is extracted from my KUF: COD Quest FAQ, which was eventually aborted because I'm considering writing an Achievement FAQ instead:

Celine's quest is all about rescuing Curian. The quest began at
the City of Desolation for me. Moonlight will ask for a Spirit
Crystal, and this can be found in the Forest of Embracing, first area.
It's near the first bunch of lizards you see, just beside the edge of
a cliff.

Sleep and talk to Moonlight. He tells you that the Spirit Crystal is
damaged (you may want to wait a while for this though). You'll need to
find an Elixir and Lost Minds to salvage the situation.

Talk to the Idol of Death for the Elixir. He'll give you a quest to
kill the Blacksand Tribe. Go to the City of Desolation (1st area) and kill every
enemy in sight. You should complete this in a few minutes.

Lost Minds can be found with those who were once human. Go to the
Valley of Solitude or the Cave of Rage and start killing skeletons,
spears and flesh men. Again, you should complete this pretty quickly.

Go back to the Idol of Death and talk to him for the Elixir.

Now, go sleep and talk to Moonlight. He needs some time, so proceed
to the next shrine, sleep, and talk to him again.

This time, he tells you that Curian's body has been destroyed. You'll
now need to find Curian's Mind Trace. Go to the idols now (in any

Idol of Death: He can retrieve a whole of lot mind traces, but he can't
pinpoint Curain's one exactly. To get these traces, you'll need to
acquire Cursed Honor.

Idol of Greed: He can extract Curain's Mind Trace from many traces. To
make him help, you'll need to acquire Pure Gold.

Idol of Love: With Curain's Mind Trace, she can restore his Spirit
Crystal. For this, you'll need to acquire Cold Love.

Cursed Honor: You need to kill five different types of Knights, as

- Dark Knight: Twilight Corridor/ Road of Chaos
- Flame Knight: City of Desolation, Second Area, near Exit
- Lightning Knight: City of Desolation, Second Area, near Exit
- Ghost Knight: Twilight Corridor/ Road of Chaos
- Ice Knight: Valley of Solitude, Third Area, top path

Pure Gold: You need to kill 100% of Golden Louse at Twilight Corridor.
Meaning, you'll have to fight through Vestibule 1F and 2F, and
Library of Memories 1F and 2F. Each time you visit the Twilight
Corridor, you can get about 10-12% completion. Quit at Twilight
Corridor, save, and continue to start the game from the Twilight Corridor
again. You can then kill more Golden Louse. Rinse and repeat until you
reach 100%.

Cold Love: Go to the Valley of Solitude and kill two wandering lovers,
i.e., Yuki Otoko/ Yuki Onna. Yes, just two!

Go back to the Idol of Death to get the mind traces.

Go back to the Idol of Greed with the traces to get Curian's Mind

Go back to the Idol of Love with Curian's Mind Trace to get the loca-
tion of his Spirit Crystal.

Go to the first area of the Cave of Rage, in the middle where a large
room with bats, to find the Spirit Crystal.

Sleep and talk to Moonlight again. After that, go to the next shrine
and sleep to talk to him again.

Again, go to the next shrine and sleep/ talk to him.

You can now talk to Curain. After that, talk to Moonlight.

Go to the next shrine and sleep again. You'll find that Moonlight is
gone. Talk to Curain again, and then read the book next to him.

Boss Fight: Encablossa (see boss fight session)

The achievement unlocks after the credits.

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7 years ago#3
I'm gonna tag this incase I need it later. Thanks for the help
7 years ago#4
The main problems in Celine's quest are getting the required idol to appear, and getting Moonlight to proceed with the story line. For idols, you can use the moon waxing item to change the moon cycle. For Moonlight, leaving the idol to the next region, and sleeping at the next idol, worked for me.

Castlevania DS is bad for your THUMBS.
7 years ago#5
TF2: -Staccato-
7 years ago#6
The Boss door is locked on the 2nd Region for me, how to I get around this?
7 years ago#7
I'm gonna tag this incase I need it later. Thanks for the help

same here~
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7 years ago#8
You can only fight the boss at the End of Desolation with Kendal... unless you're playing co-op and a Kendal happens to be in the party. Even so, that Kendal must've completed his story quest up to the point that he has gotten the key to open that door.

Otherwise, move on. You can never fight that boss as Celine on solo, and you don't need to.

Castlevania DS is bad for your THUMBS.
7 years ago#9
I got the cold love, but she still wants curians mind trace, where is it?
7 years ago#10
Wheres her crystal she has to find first? I've gone to the first groupof lizards at the forest of embracing and looked all around the cliffs to the right and i dont see a thing. O.o i'm getting frustrated.
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  3. Wheres Celine's quest walkthough?

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