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9 years ago#1
I don't really have time to do a coordinated, organized normal FAQ on this, but since there's been some confusion on this I wanted to cover some of the spells in this game and clarify their differences. Hopefully others will be willing to help fill in the gaps as I do this. The game guide for this game is pretty hard to find (Gamestop doesn't carry it since they didn't consider this a big enough game for them to take a risk with selling the guide according to one gamestop person, B & N does carry it but each store only bought 2-3 copies each and they don't intend to order more unless requested....not sure about other locations) so hopefully this will suffice for those without that resource.

Please note that this is not the same as enhancements (weapon skills) which is a common confusion that i've seen online. There's a post on this board where we were talking about these skills in some detail (note that it's not a complete list when I was posting on it). The link for that is:


...starting on the 2nd page of that link.

Please note that this is a work in progress and is based on the experiences of players and not just what the spells are described as (as many times there are other effects or differences that the spell description won't tell you). If you have info to contribute to this list, please feel free to share for the good of the community.



Many people don't realize that the same spell on one character can have different effects on another character. This FAQ will help (hopefully) clear that up. Also note....there are spells that are unique to certain characters, so not everything is available to everyone. The format that I'll be using (and if possible for ease of reading, please use if you're posting) will be this:

<Spell Name>
<Description and Observations>
---<Character Name and unique points on this spell for that character>

Basically just like that...

Also note that spells are affected by Character Level and the amount of SP you funnel (by holding the spell button for longer) into the casting. Spells can also be affected by weapon skills (many times usually recharge rates). Finally resistances of a target will affect output on spells on a target by target basis.


Like the name implies, this "spell" makes your character leap forward in the direction he or she is facing, When they make impact they will do physical damage to all targets around the point of impact. Typically this damage is about the same as a normal attack except it's a short AoE instead of one hit. It recharges fast even without skills, so with the proper gear you can set yourself up to easily do what I call "Leap Spam"

-----Leinhart: Does a quick hop forward....nothing unique.

-----Celine: Itself also not unique......Note that Celine gets a free leap attack on hit 4 while using fencing swords if you have the SP to get to that strike (the leap itself doesn't use SP)so you can combine that with this skill to get two quick damaging AoEs out on alot of targets.
9 years ago#2
Another self explanitory "spell". Doing this will move you forward a short distance dependent on the SP put in. You'll also do a small amount of damage to targets you hit. On smaller targets, this will push them out of your way so you can escape being surrounded (or so that you can be up close to a target quickly for a quick strike), but you will normally not be able to push larger targets out of your way. This als recharges quickly and with the right skills can allow for "Dash Spam".

-----Celine: Rushes forward VERY quickly swinging her sword forward...

-----Duane: Rushes forward stumbling about slowly before falling on his face and stunning himself for 2 to 4 secs. This leaves you wide open for counterattacks by mobs so be careful.

Throws out light damaging needles. The longer you funnel SP in, the more needles are thrown (typically in a fan like pattern). Physical Damage

-----Celine: Nothing special.

Poison Needle
Basically a stronger version of Needle that adds poison debuff but at higher SP cost. Poison DoT damage but the first hit is physical damage.

-----Celine: a little bit more damage then needle, otherwise works the same.

Magic Shot
Anyone familar with AD&D will remeber this as the "Magic Missile" spell. Basically it's exactly the same. The more SP you funnel in and the higher your level, the more missiles you will fire out. They will auto home in on targets (starting with the closest to you) and move to intercept targets quickly. Note that this is not something I've seen or heard of being resisted by mobs so this will be very useful on higher difficulity levels as more and more targets start having physical resistance.

-----Celine: nothing special

Cherub Statue
Throws a statue out from nowhere in front of yourself. Will do physical AoE damage from the point of impact. The more SP you funnel in the further you will throw the statue. AoE radius is small.

-----Celine: it seems that she doesn't throw it quite as far as some other characters I've played with. This may reflect that she isn't a "brute strength" type of character.

Pretty much everyone has this spell and it's pretty self explanitory. Basically this will heal yourself and anyone else in a radius of effect. Note that having items equipped with "illumination" (you can see just how much total you have on the resistance window) will increase by % the additional HP will be healed over and above normal. The higher the level the stronger the heal. The more SP you funnel in, the wider and stronger it will be as well (but typically if you see a party member's name light up on the party stat bars on the left then it's safe to assume you'll more then likely get them in the effect). Basically you charge up energy above your head and then release it in a blinding flash of light (which can be disorientating at times). This does have a very slow recharge rate (the slowest of any basic level spells I've seen so far). I've heard rumors that Celine and Kendal might be able to get more out of their heals then other characters but I've not been able to confirm that. Otherwise everyone seems to have the same effect from healing so I won't list differences here.
9 years ago#3
Chilling Touch
I might have the name of this wrong, if so I apoligize as I'm not in front of my 360 atm. But basically, this is the ice version of "Magic Shot" working almost exactly the same way. The differences are that it can be resisted as opposed to Magic Shot but it also can proc Freeze status on targets (which stops a target(s) from attacking or moving for a short period of time). This is better at crowd control then damage as you're more likely to get your ice resisted then your magic missiles but freezing 8 or 9 targets can be very helpful to avoiding swarms. Also like shot, the more sp funneled in the more ice bullets you send out (in the shape of triangle like missiles).
9 years ago#4
There's alot of confusion about this ability. My understanding from experimenting with this is that as you are clapping you are raising your illumination effect upon yourself.....but the problem is it's hard to know by how much you are raising it or if it's negligable. It's of dubious merit in application but an overlooked aspect of this is that it is adding "illumination" if used in syn....so there's alot of benefit to learning this to later add to your favorate healing armor or accessory. The recharge time on this is almost instant.

---Celine: Clap loudly and giggle like a schoolgirl. :P

---Reinheart: A slow, disinterested looking "Golfer Clap".

Flesh Spear
Intermediate spell. This spell will summon one of those punji sticks with a naked giggling dead person on it that anyone who's played at all has seen almost immediately. The longer you funnel in SP the longer the spear will stay out. Casting the spell takes quite a while so it's sadly only useful against slow moving, large targets though once you've done casting it pops up immediately in front of you. This will do a good deal of damage but you basically have to stand still the whole time you keep it out so it's not as flexable as other damage spells. Does Physical damage but I believe some characters that cast this may also add poison damage to it (confirmation?).

---Celine: Nothing special

Intermediate Spell. I've only ever seen Celine players use this, so it may be unique to her and her alone (confirmation?). This spell will summon massive explosions to start occuring randomly around your character.

Once you've started this up you will be able to maintain it easily by continuing to funnel in more SP (and it doesn't even drain it super fast like other maintainable spells, so you can keep this going for a VERY long time). This is one of the ultimate room clearer spells I've seen so far and it can do ALOT of damage to targets. The closer you are to a target the more damage you can do (as they can be hit by more explosions happening around you). You can move around with this spell at half movement speed as well which means you just have to hold the button down and move to the biggest concentration of mobs nearby. It disrupts all attacks from any normal mob including big targets. It will tear up terrain, walls, whatever much like the excavation or impact skill does and can unearth items as such. Additionally it sets targets on fire, which continues to do damage even after the spell is over. On top of all of this, it will make invisible targets visible for as long as the flame effect lasts, so it's super helpful against swarms of invisible boogy men that are common in many later levels.

So low cost + high damage + guidable plus you can't be knocked out of it usually = one of the best mob clearing attacks in the game.

The only bad part about this is that to learn it you have to kill Mutent Curian (which can only be opened by a Kendal player with the key to the "End of Desolation")....so finding a party that is doing the city level with the intention of fighting Curian is very hard to get into (unless you have friends who can help out or you play during peak period on live). If you can get past that hurdle, you'll find that the fight itself is not that bad and that you'll end up at the end (if you met the other requirements) with a great spell out of the deal.

I believe it's unique to Celine, if not please confirm.
9 years ago#5
it's not just for celine...but a lot of people don't have it cause you need to kill mutant curian to get it, and on top of that the longer you use it, the lower and lower your fps will plunge
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9 years ago#6
Power Of Love #1
This is unique to Celine. Basically, she sprouts angel wings that takes up alot of space and hovers at that spot (you can't move with this on). Supposedly, the caster is impervious to damage during this time. What the spell description doesn't tell you is that additionally, anyone playing Curian is also impervious to damage as so long as they stay in the area of effect (which I believe is fixed but I'll confirm later). So basically, this is a big AoE buff skill but only to some players. If you're playing in a party of nothing but Celines and Curians then this is a majorly useful ability (especially when stacked with the Advanced skill Power Of Love #2 from another Celine player, more on that later). If no one is playing Curian in your party, then all this is good for is getting an emergency shield out to prevent your death and thus is not as useful when compared to other skills that could be in that slot. Intermediate Skill.

Chain Lightning
Intermediate Skill. Basically, this shoots a bolt of lightning into whatever you target. Then for as however much SP you funnel into the spell, it will jump to more target for as long as you maintain it. This does decent damage and can be good for clearing out a room of weaker mobs. It can be resisted. Additionally, it can proc lightning status on targets which randomly will disrupt actions and do damage when it procs. This will also disrupt invisibility on targets as well.

-----Celine, Reinhart: Nothing Special, looks like a bluish bolt of lightning coming out of your hands.

Power Of Love #2
Advanced Skill, requires knowing Power Of Love #1 to learn it. Celine only spell. This is the counterpart to #1. Basically, it's not as flashy as the first spell, but what it does is impressive. Any players using Curian as so long as they stay in the area of effect will no longer lose SP during attacks. This means that you can pull out the biggest SP hog attacks and spells with no chaining delays whatsoever and button mash your way to victory. Again, this only works with Curian players so anyone playing a different character will get no benefit from this. I believe this, much like the other love spell will also make the caster immune to attacks as so long as the spell is maintained.

Advanced Spell.....I'm pretty sure this is the first Advanced Spell available to all players to learn if they so choose. Basically, the caster takes on the appearence simular to Shadowform on a Shadow Priest in WoW. It's supposed to allow the caster to move past mobs without aggroing them (at normal speed) as so long as they maintain the spell. Useful if you're trying to escape a bad situation or just feeling lazy and not wanting to fight stuff.

-----Kendal: Nothing Special, save that he's a really big blueish smoky blob. :P
9 years ago#7
bump....I'll post more once I have a chance to get onto my character tonight....
9 years ago#8
Nice post and all but I think you need more experience with these spells. Out of all the spells you listed, Flesh spear is by far the strongest and lets you kill all the bosses except forest guardian very quickly.

I will post my spells on there for ya in a bit.
9 years ago#9
My whole perception of reality has been thrown into question.......
9 years ago#10
A Few spells I have experimented with

Continuously set of small explosions around you for as long as you maintain the spell. Decent tanking spell. Does enough damage to piss mobs off and keep them focused on you, but not enough to kill them (or earn their anger if they're after someone else). Like most spells, you are more or less completely invulnerable while you're casting it, and with it's low SP cost you'll be able to keep it running for a long time. You can also move while casting.
Be warned though, you will take a serious hit to your frames per second.

Common spell. I think. (All my current characters can get it, though it does involve killing Mutant Curian)

Chilling Touch
Summon ice-shards to freeze your foes, rendering them resistanceless for a few moments. The more SP your pour into the spell, the more critters you can freeze. Good for dealing with mobs immune to weapon's as it gets rid of those immunities. Mobs immune to ice will of course be immune to your ice shards, so don't try it on the Ice Maiden or Ice Knights.

Celine and Kendel have access to this spell

Sand Throw
Throw sand in an arc at foes nearby, confusing them and leaving them running around in circles. Note this spell has a one off SP cost and can't be charged.. you also won't be invulnerable while casting it and being hit will break your concentration. Decent early spell that's easy to get none the less

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