i dont understand this game at all!

#1hollyhoodjPosted 8/16/2010 1:23:58 PM
what am i supposed to do? when i beat the boss i thought i would come across people and learn about the game. apparently i was wrong =( my game didnt come with a manual either which makes it worst.
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#2baby ice dogPosted 8/17/2010 4:01:51 AM
I guess there is not much "story" development if you were expecting something like a big JRPG, the game is far more about slashing your way through the different levels grinding experience and finding interesting loot, and it's aimed at co-op so you may not get the most out of it playing alone.

For the little story that there is, make sure to "sleep" when you're near idols - the idols are the shops, and the dreamworld you go to when you sleep is where you progress your character's story and get quests related to that. Other than that, really you're just walking forward and killing stuff >_>
If you're missing the manual, you may want to check the official site - from what I remember it has some good info there, backgrounds on the characters and some explanation of game concepts. Or, of course, you could just ask here! :D

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#3GodMakerDivinePosted 9/2/2010 2:20:09 PM
I disagree that it is actually made for Co - Op. Blueside actually said it was just meant to be a mindless loot-drop RPG. Loot drop RPGs can be played alone or with friends. There is a massive and great story - you just need to play the other games to know what is going on. Same with most games.
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#4baby ice dogPosted 9/3/2010 3:14:19 AM
Fair enough, maybe it's just because I've only played co-op and it seemed things would be pretty tough and grindy without others around to help and share loot etc. Or maybe it's just that I like co-op, so playing any co-op game without it just seems flat in comparison, "mindless loot-drop" games especially! :P
I've only touched on the previous KUF games tbh, the lack of some kind of extra battles to use just for levelling up and practicing made them feel quite stressful to me - like it was critical to get the most you could out of every mission and make the right choices when it came to upgrades. I'm not a major story buff anyway, the only in-game story I think I've ever paid much attention to was Drakengard ;)

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#5GodMakerDivinePosted 9/3/2010 4:42:05 PM
I suppose it is designed for people who play both alone and with friends. I am a hardcore RPG gamer - which is why I liked KUF: CoD. I played all difficulty modes alone as well and actually found playing on extreme very enjoyable because it added challenge.
#6baby ice dogPosted 9/4/2010 3:48:23 AM
Then yeah, sounds like you're harder-core than me :) I enjoy the social aspect, that three of us can bumble around helping each other, swapping gear, bantering, and all the time gaining exp and gear. Then the equipment forging aspect has given me something to do in-between sessions, although I suspect that at our low level I'm really not getting the most out of it, and what's to come will no doubt blow our rubbish gear out of the water :P

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