Is it George A. Romero's City Of The Dead Redux ???

#1Red_Baron30Posted 2/19/2009 9:52:52 AM
Kuju was developing this game for Hip Interactive. But was cancelled... When, George A. Romero's City Of The Dead was cancelled, Kuju announce Redwood Falls in the same year. Maybe Kuju use 'the core' of City Of The Dead and create without the George A. Romero name on it.

There was some cool features in City Of The Dead, on the multiplayer, you're a survivor with your friends (just like Left 4 Dead) trying surviving to waves of undeads. If you died, there was a timer on the upper-left corner and at the end, you're were transform into a zombie and try to kill your friend. And there was a chaos-mode, with a bullet, you try to do the most damages to zombies as possible. Ex. Shoot a propane tank, and blow up all zombies around.

George A. Romero's City Of The Dead

New for Redwood Falls
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