how to install halo 2 onto windows xp properly this does work

#1Tom7666Posted 10/23/2008 3:28:57 AM

After months of reasercheng and frustration i have finally got it to work on windows xp :)

download the crack here

now follow this simple guide to loading it onto your windows XP system

in the end theres only one thing to say thank you doomycheese :) :) :)

#2Tom7666(Topic Creator)Posted 10/25/2008 6:42:54 PM
type in gravemind fix on google and click on the first one then launch by dragging halo2.exe on top of loader plus put all the files that come with it and put them where you installed it (including wow.dll from the origional) only do this once you get up to grvemind levle.
#3alienstookmybeerPosted 10/26/2008 8:14:21 AM
Thanks for sharing, I'm having this game shipped to me this week. And I plan on playing it on XP! Screw you Microsoft for trying to make people switch to Vista for no good reason.