Tekken Dark Resurrection(EU) cwcheat codes(UCES-00356)

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7 years ago#1
_C0 Infinite P1 Health(Working and Tested)

_L 0x0037725E 0x00000091


_C0 Raven Rank

_L 0x0136A338 0x00000022

_C0 Armor King

_L 0x0136A358 0x00000022

_C0 Feng

_L 0x0136A348 0x00000022

_C0 Devil Jin

_L 0x0136A328 0x00000022

_C0 Baek Do San

_L 0x0136A318 0x00000022

_C0 Bruce

_L 0x0136A308 0x00000022

_C0 Asuka

_L 0x0136A2F8 0x00000022

_C0 Ganryu

_L 0x0136A2E8 0x00000022

_C0 Wang

_L 0x0136A2D8 0x00000022

_C0 Anna

_L 0x0136A2C8 0x00000022

_C0 Roger

_L 0x0136A2B8 0x00000022

_C0 Jack-5

_L 0x0136A2A8 0x00000022

_C0 Mokujin

_L 0x0136A298 0x00000022

_C0 Marduk

_L 0x0136A288 0x00000022

_C0 Steve

_L 0x0136A278 0x00000022

_C0 Lee

_L 0x0136A268 0x00000022

_C0 Kazuya

_L 0x0136A258 0x00000022

_C0 Heihachi

_L 0x0136A248 0x00000022

_C0 Bryan

_L 0x0136A238 0x00000022

_C0 Kuma/Panda

_L 0x0136A228 0x00000022

_C0 Julia

_L 0x0136A218 0x00000022

_C0 Jin

_L 0x0136A208 0x00000022

_C0 Christie

_L 0x0136A1F8 0x00000022

_C0 Xiayou

_L 0x0136A1E8 0x00000022

_C0 Hworang

_L 0x0136A1D8 0x00000022

_C0 Nina

_L 0x0136A1C8 0x00000022

_C0 Yoshimitsu

_L 0x0136A1B8 0x00000022

_C0 King

_L 0x0136A1A8 0x00000022

_C0 Lei

_L 0x0136A198 0x00000022

_C0 Law

_L 0x0136A188 0x00000022

_C0 Paul

_L 0x0136A178 0x00000022

_C0 Anna

_L 0x0136A168 0x00000022

_C0 Druganov

_L 0x0136A378 0x00000022

_C0 Eddy

_L 0x0136A388 0x00000022

Change the value of the 0x00000022 to 0x00000001(for Beginner Rank) all the way to 0x00000036(for Devine Fist Rank)

7 years ago#2
cheers man but how
do you use em and
you can get suspended
for using them (just
tellin you so you don't
get suspended yourself m8)

but yeah, how'd u use em

PSN,EA nation: Lefevrered
"hand me the controller and noone gets hurt"
7 years ago#3
What do you mean how do you use them?

Do u have cwcheats on your psp?

If yes add them to the existing cwcheat database or create a new one for your own custom codes. It allows you to get all characters to devine fist rank easily.
7 years ago#4
cheers man, i need to get that cheat thing. any ideas?
7 years ago#5
Hi guys,

just wanna ask in what version of tekken dr these code can use?
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