My game systems

#1nicole122Posted 12/19/2009 4:05:57 PM
Family Guy is the best show and the best game too.My brother now has the XboX 360 but use to have the other XboX.So he gave all of his XboX games and XboX to me!Then when I played Family Guy,the minute I started the game,it said that the game was dirty!But it wasn't the game,it was the XboX!The reason it was the XboX was because that it was like 10 years old!But thena a few months later we went to GameStop to get a newer used XboX.and the guy that worked there put in a game and he said it worked.Then when I got home I put in Shreck 2 and it worked really well.Because with the other XboX I couldn't even start the game.So now I still have the XboX I got from GameStop.It still works which is a good thing.But you wanna know something scary.Before I was born,when my brother was five years old,he got a Super Nintendo.And we still have it now,and it still works perfecly!But now my brother has a XboX 360 just like I said.So now I have the Super Nintendo,the XboX,and I also have a Nintendo DS.I got the Nintendo DS from my mom.She won it in a contest!the first time sh entered the code on the Ballprk Franks she won a Nintendo DS and gave it to me!