Release Date And Game Info??????

#1sophapPosted 3/10/2010 7:50:58 PM

Hi, Any one have any information on this game yet or when it'll be release?

is there alot of variety of creating your own character?

how does online work? like if i choose wu, and my friend choose wei, do we like fight each other? like will be able to control the army of wei while i use wu army and see who wins etc?

is there any gore, blood?

battle damage, weapon damage? like are your weapons able to get damage, crack etc like in way of the samurai? and battle damage mean, do your clothes gets torn up or shredded, or do you get some scars etc ripped clothes?

also is there alot of costume customization and weapon customizations?

how is the game style? is the renbu system still in? more variety with weak attack and strong attacks?