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8 years ago#1
~God Of War 2~
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On)
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
CBF150D9 63C74254
B763009E 9D56D4BD
430073DB 4A53EFD6
1 P1 Press Select To Skip FMV
A63F2610 70076A19
0F97530C EF8EF58A
81FF570F EE1A6391
811FCBD2 5A3D998F
2 Infinite Health
BC06333C 8574EAA9
810E052C 0934BEAC
3 Always Low Total Play Time 3DB0ED50 FA352741
4 Maximum Red Orbs B223F25E 4D1B52CF
5 Infinite Magic Usage 9402C19F 64682683
6 Infinite Double Jumps D3BCA9DF D6EBF1B4
7 Have All Magic/Moves F0A51395 178D204E
8 Infinite Magic 888C7D08 47177DDB
9 P1 Press L1+Right To Refill Rage Of The Gods Meter
FC079364 B37604FF
EED323FF 419519FD
10 Have All Gorgon Eyes 1CB060CE 56D5C2C9
11 Have All Phoenix Feathers B5042D36 9CEF63E2
12 Have All Cyclops Eyes 0E58BAF5 83AE98CB
13 P1 Press R2+Right To Enable Enemies Die Instantly AA33D197 B3BB3995
3DA703A3 665C461E
14 P1 Press R2+Left To Disable Enemies Die Instantly 1566A466 620C918B
FDCA45DC 8A890223
15 Maximum Combo Hits 1F4BFFBD 4C30DF30
. Have Power-Up Codes .
16 Poseidon's Rage F7359AED E34477A9
17 Cronos' Rage 8970FF8F AD103369
18 Typhon's Bane 7FE22B75 370F81CD
19 Atlas Quake C4D718B5 0986BB42
20 Spear Of Destiny C915838F 785B88BF
21 Barbarian Hammer A4135481 DCE4E239
22 Head Of Euryale A027B64F B20F5397
23 Blade Of Olympus C768ECFC 2390D264
. Have Moves Codes .
24 Relic-Golden Fleece C5CB6076 735CC47C
25 Magic-Atlas Quake C4D718B5 0986BB42
26 Relic-Icarus Wings 30026F98 4BD48F5A
27 Relic-Rage Of The Titans DE2B0FFA 849A6CA2
28 Relic-Amulet Of The Fates F707D4BD 099286D4
. Have Urns Of Power Codes .
29 Urn Of Gaia E9AFA0CB 5CEE74FA
30 Urn Of Gorgons DACE8D2F 18CB9CDF
31 Urn Of Olympus 63251937 CAB57030
32 Urn Of Prometheus DF1CCE97 F5C3A2A1
33 Urn Of The Fates D21BF39E 41541C93
34 Urn Of Poseidon 0860DF52 60011D80
35 All Urns C44B4EEF 18C46BC5
. Maximum Power-Up Level Codes .
36 Athena's Blade 2AD2C8B6 CA662925
37 Atlas Quake C4238BA8 CB79BC34
38 Poseidon's Rage 8B96AF72 FB4A4768
39 Head Of Euryale 570BA6F7 87CBB6BB
40 Typhon's Bane A8D96A28 AE7240A4
41 Spear Of Destiny 21D9C5FD F8EED034
42 Barbarian Hammer 728AE728 FA7447DC
. Game Speed Modifier Codes .
43 P1 Press L1+Up For Ultra Hyper Speed 0501B481 45289DB9
169CDE13 8392F4F5
44 P1 Press L1+Right For Hyper Speed FC079364 B37604FF
45 P1 Press L1+Down For Normal Speed FC18F006 FD2791F9
F71C1730 C7222011
46 P1 Press L1+Left For Slow Motion Speed 254B5E05 C5CDF8E0
F71C1730 C7222011
8 years ago#2
Do you honestly believe anyone here is interested in this tripe?
8 years ago#3
some body did ask for them awhile ago
8 years ago#4
I'd rather see such codes for GoW1 so I could simulate Bonus Play. Also playing throughout with the Blade of the Gods (plus Rage of the Gods activated).

One has to appreciate this work (or copypasta).

It would be nice if the variety of codes was even greater.
8 years ago#5
how do I enter these?
8 years ago#6
Try using your thumbs
8 years ago#7
Don't forget the joystick!
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8 years ago#8

Kouja posted...
Don't forget the joystick!
Now Playing: SMT Online Beta - Professor Layton - Persona 2: Innocent Sin.
Next Up: Persona 4; DDS; P2:EP; Odin Sphere.

I meant these are all just numbers and letters how do I enter these in a PS2

8 years ago#9
Where is the fun to cheat to get everything? That is just lame.
Rest in Pieces
8 years ago#10
TaMoK: Would you say the same for GoW1?

Bonus Play realized in GoW1 would be quite the pleasure. Creating BP conditions with base/MAX bars, base/MAX spells/weapons, etc. would be glorious. Having the relics (possibly the keys for the lulz) early on could prove interesting. It would be interesting to wield the Blade of the Gods throughout or just inplace of Artemis...with Rage.

~As for GoWII..I'd really only be interested in having the Relics at the start or infinite Icarus Lifts for the sake of how rediculous that would be
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