favorite captain / stat information

#1arthasrocksPosted 6/2/2011 12:05:04 AM
k im wounder what stats do this is what i know till now:
hp = .... do i need to explain?
sp = /\ ditto
atk = physical attack and spell +
def = physical resistance +
int = magical attack and spell +
psy = magical resistance + (not sure about it but thats what i noticed)
spd = (not sure about this one) gun attack and spell + and/or rate at which it attacks
chm = % to recruit a captain
lck = chances of getting something from exploration/kills (<-- is this right)

my question is that does spd and lck do what i wrote? or does it do something completly different and second which is ur most used captains and which stats do u increase when lvling up

mine is valzoa and i up atk for quick win