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8 years ago#461
If it isn't too much trouble, could someone show me another persona that has 4 2nd level elemental spells? While I do have the Pale Rider, I'm not too confident that it'll survive the higher floors of Tartarus. I have tried to make the 4 elemental Samael but I can't do it with the Genbu and Take-Mikazuchi that I have registered. I have also tried making a 4 elemental Incubus but I only managed to get three elements on it.

My level is 41 and here are my S-Links:

Magician - 5
Fool and Death - 5
Emperor - 3
Chariot, Hermit, Hierophant, Hanged - Max
Justice - 5
Strength - 5
Devil - 5
Tower - 8
Star - 2
8 years ago#462
I also have a question about opfer_gv's Kikurihime fusion. I'm just wondering if the moves on the Taraka in the first step actually matters.
8 years ago#463
thanks for the reply Biohazard, I do play on Fes (i know we have our own forum, but there's no similar thread going) Lucifer is now dark type, so I am assuming he can learn all 4 elements type now. any tips on how to achieve that would be appreciated! thanks.
8 years ago#464
Oh, okay. I assumed that you were referring to the original Lucifer, but yeah, I could probably work something out for a four-elemental fusion of the new Lucifer. Like I said, it's not going to be a fun fusion, since Dark type only has an inheritance rate of .2 for each element, but it's certainly possible.

I'm currently swamped with end-of-year essays and such, though, so I probably won't get a chance to look at fusions for this before Friday.
PSN: Bioexorcist
Pearl FC: 4424 8177 3491

Try this:
Vasuki (needs to be highest level)+Orthrus+your 4-elemental Pale Rider. You should get Samael. You will need to remove Mudo from Pale Rider to help with noise control. Vasuki should be easy, as he is Light-type and thus Samael won't inherit his Light and Healing skills.

Samael nulls Dark (better than Resist in Pale Rider), and has Megido (almighty attack, nobody can block so that ensures you can always land a hit in any battle) and looks cool to boot. If you can, give him Survive Light or Resist Light (Vasuki has it IIRC). Should last long enough until you gain access to higher level Personas.
For Orthrus, give him loads of recovery/light skills via Pixie+Laksmi+Unicorn. Make sure they all have full 8 skills so Orthrus will inherit 5 skills (which in turn will enable Samael to inherit 5 skills, since you should try to get 4 elements+Survive@Resist Light). Get rid of Orthrus passive skills - they are unwanted noise.
8 years ago#467
Oooh! Thank you Renegade! I'll give this a go once my level is high enough to fuse Laksmi. By the way, do I have to do anything special with the Vasuki or can I use any Vasuki?
Make sure Vasuki has 8 skills (preferably Light and Healing). Because you will want Samael to get all 4 elements, and something to defend against Light, so that totals up to 5 skills he needs to inherit. In order to do that, all components in his Triangular Fusion must have 8 skills. Vasuki, Orthrus, Pale Rider; all need to have 8 skills.

Of course, getting all 5 exactly as you want isn't easy, so if you get 4 elements but no defense against Light, then I say that's okay (assuming you don't have the patience to do the re-shuffle process).

Oh, here's the persona Analyzer, it's updated for FES, but most fusions from the original P3 are more or less the same:
Oh wait. I don't think you even need to wait for Laksmi, you can replace her with Leanan Sidhe.
For Vasuki I think you can try Principality+Hanuman+(highest Hermit Persona you can get). The Hermit persona needs to be highest level in the Triangle Fusion. You may replace Principality with any Justice persona that you might have fused with better/more Light and Recovery skills if you wish.
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