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8 years ago#481
How do I get Nata Taishi? I've tried everything, but nothing works =(
8 years ago#482

What Quest(name of quest or number) do i have to do to get Nata Taishi and Pale Rider?

8 years ago#483
I think that it's Quest 8 for Pale Rider and Quest 29 for Nata Taishi. I think you can see them on the giant FAQ topic on this board.
8 years ago#484
When he says to bring succubus down to lilim, how do you do this? What persona do you fuse to get lilim with succubus?
8 years ago#485
Succubus X Incubus = Vetala
Incubus X Vetala = Lilim
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8 years ago#486
If there is a Dionysyus w/ Hama,Mahama,Mudo,Mamudo,and Ziodyne and Mazionga,well Thats True,Simply fuse a Power and Samael until it inherits the Hama and Mudo skills I mentioned,He already haves Mazionga,but level him up to get Ziodyne. It's Good to have them,but For Hamaon/Mudoon dionysious or whatever Monster you get,I assure DONT!
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8 years ago#487
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#488
Has anyone tried to make a custom Susano-o before?
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8 years ago#489
hello I am playing Persona 3 fes and I need some help making a Cylebe with all the stongest four elmental attacks.... can you help me please....
8 years ago#490
question: in the formula for the all element pale rider, its listed that ose plus legion would get an orpheus with "arazio". wouldn't that just get agilao? i've never even heard of arazio, and everytime i search for it in faqs and such i get no results. i seem to see a lot of spells like this that are listed in formulas but don't actually exist. is it just a typo? i mean i know in the last recipe i used it was mentioned that you would result with a bridge persona that had "batra" which i just assumed was "patra" since thats what i actually got, and the recipe ended up fine anyway. its just that since the arazio spell is listed in the formula more than once, it can't be a typo.
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