Persona 3 Board FAQ (Look here before asking questions!)

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Well Done
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how to fuse Jackfrost w/ skill dia?? anyone?
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Hmm, that's not in the board faq after all...well, it wasn't a common one

Anyway, to formally put it in:

06/ Produce a Jack Frost with the skill Dia
- Pixie + Unicorn
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i only have 2 similar questions
1.What would happen if I get killed 11/4/2009 ?
2.when play ng +,can i max all the without paying much attention ?
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1. Same thing that happens when you die any other day; game over and then you get to load from a save file

2. No
You still basically have to use every afternoon for S.Link building. The main benefit of NG+ for this is that you don't have to worry about rushing for 6 courage by June or 6 charm by September or 6 academics by November
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please remember that in 11/4/09,there is someone want to sacrifice me
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Great FAQ, really helped me piece the ending together, I'm not sure how I could have missed all those clues ^^;
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I missed them myself, actually.

But when I heard the possibility, I began to understand what happened. Most of my knowledge came from an old FES thread I skimmed through.

Anywho, I'm considering (finally >_>) putting up the next version. It'll come faster if you all complain more.
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it doesn't matter who wants to sacrifice whom on 11/4, you still get the same result. it's a cutscene. plus you can't actually die that day - unless you can fight a random battle, which I don't think is possible seeing as you get thrown into the cut scene before you can actually enter tartarus.