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can anyone tell me hw to get through day 7/7 at hierophant's chamber after defeating the hierophant shadow i found a strange mirror den a gal look like Yukari apear in the bathroom. After that, a dialog arpear it's name written is Voice Inside Your Head. I jz can't get through dat part can anyone tell me y
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You can't NOT get through that part. That's the scene at the love hotel, right? Well, you only have three options, by three options, by three options. So at the worst, if you're working completely blind, you still have a 1/27 chance of getting the right answer. And the game will keep starting it over if you do.

But basically, choose the path of self-denial and it'll be no problem.

Unless you mean how do you know how to find the Shadow, in which case, Fuuka will tell you eventually.
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it so hard to defeat Elizabeth..
when i used tarunda to her, she cast her Megidolaon to me..
and it was 9999 damage..
why is that??
do i have to not use tarunda to her???
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^You spoil the ending and then ask people to help you?
--- (gamefaqs hax)
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From: zodac_spear | #165
^You spoil the ending and then ask people to help you?

Come on now, show some class.
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Ok, I kind of new to this board, so could someone help me? I been trying to defeat the Emperor and Emperess, but I just couldn't.
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Quest #55
I know is only doable in NG+ but I was wondering if i had to redo EVERY quest even tho i did them all on my 1st play-through
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I have Hermit Maxed out but there still no Devil Social Link for me. -.- I looked at Night Time for that Devil at the Mall.... but he was never there till the end of the game.....

DId I do sth wrong? All stats are maxed.... and Hermit too..... -.-
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