Some guy at work wants to buy this game off of me for $40 bucks , pfft.

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  3. Some guy at work wants to buy this game off of me for $40 bucks , pfft.
9 years ago#1
can you believe that mess????!!!
9 years ago#2
break the wrist and walk away
9 years ago#3
lol , yeah man , that's what i'm saying. At first , I thought he was giving me a good price seeing that I bought a new copy from Ebgames for 50 bux but I recently found out how much it was going for online. even as a used game it's pretty damn pricey. I didn't know it had become so rare of a game , screw that deal , that guy is smoking rocks if he thinks I'm going to sell this gem at that price.
9 years ago#4
I believe you mean he is smoking "rock," that's what those crazy kids are calling it these days
9 years ago#5
Well, you better hope Fes doesn't hit state side..
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9 years ago#6
why would I be worried about that , shouldn't I be thilled? I hope it does , so I can get my hands on it , looks pretty great from what I've seen.
9 years ago#7
The normal version of the game won't be as rare. I dunno. Thats what my friend told me.
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9 years ago#8
don't really care about how "rare" the game might become or already is , I don't buy games to sell them later , at least not the ones that I think are really worth keeping. Even if the game wasn't rare I still wouldn't sell it because I buy games because I like to play games and respect the hard work people put into creating a genuine story line and well developed characters. I ain't no collector but I know a good game when I see one and persona 3 , in my opinion , ranks up there with the greats. It's nothing short of classic.
9 years ago#9
^ well said

if fes does get released with both episode: yourself and episode: aigis, i might just give my buddy my original copy of p3 so that he can play it
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9 years ago#10
or you can just lend it to him but if you're just going to give it to him then he must be a really close friend. I don't know how close I am to finishing the game but I told my friend when I'm done he could borrow it as long as he wants. He's really into rpg's , I enjoy an rpg here and there but overall I guess you can say I love playing great games in general but I am in no way a hardcore rpg gamer. My friend is hardcore and has his list of rpgs that he's been consistent with and faithful to . If I had to say I was truly faithful to any series it would have to be castlevania , I've loved castlevania since I was a kid and it's probably my favorite series and legend of zelda comes in second.
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  2. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
  3. Some guy at work wants to buy this game off of me for $40 bucks , pfft.

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