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7 years ago#1
Anyone has a copy of the posted lyrics for Changing Season? I recall that what's said in French during the music is quite interesting ... it's probably in here somewhere but "Search" only looks at threads' titles.

7 years ago#2
I think I have them on my pc. Unfortunately I'm using a laptop right now, so try to google 'em.
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7 years ago#3
^ Thanks, but I had already tried that before making the thread. I got only a handful of user reviews about the P3 OST, nothing really useful though.
7 years ago#4
Razorkay95 posted the lyrics (along with a translation and an interpretation) in the comments of this YouTube video.

This is just what he heard and it's possible he misheard some words. No lyrics were officially released for Changing Seasons so it's not possible to check.
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