Man, Mitsuru's such an idiot...

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We're still here.
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It's just a P4 arc right now.
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YosukeHanamura_ posted...
I mean, who the hell uses Mind Charge, and then Marin Karin? And what about those times where I tell her to heal me, but she just casts Tentarafoo? I thought she was supposed to be the smart one.

she makes u mad so u attack enemy carelessly then got killed by shadow so she can become a captain, pretty tricky idea
oh wait,u're from different story . . .
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From: gamesarefun2 | #014

Can you say anything but "yeah"? You're giving me a headache. >_>
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Look at his sig. I think it's his way of advertising his channel.
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Geez... maybe we should report him. I'm pretty sure that's against the TOS.
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Sounds like a plan.
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Chie-Satonaka posted...
Sounds like a plan.

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