anyone here play still/again?

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4 years ago#1
I'm coming to the end of the game and having a good time going through again. Doing some different class combos and such.

Atm I'm playing with Nell and Edge both as normal class. Trying to decide what I prefer playing (edge or luplus)

cosmic bane+haste+nell means I can keep in burst quite long and sustain it thanks to Nell, and basically the same thing with regular Edge except I think I might get more damage in because the time attacks from Edge are quite damaging in burst/help fill the gauge better and because the endgame weapons for Edge are all very powerful...

Too bad regular Edge doesn't get any kind of AoE...and cosmic bane is so useful but once you use it once I'm having a hard time figuring out what else to use to be cost effective....

I also think people underestimate (when people played this game) the power of Nell's base class. Ein Zecksclaw and quick panther are both very good along with life convert. Ein Zecksclaw is like lance stamp. Too bad though she doesn't get anything more powerful than the peacemaker (to my knowledge for her base class)
4 years ago#2
I play this game every now and then. I enjoy it quite a bit. Unfortunately this game is rather easy with the exception of one boss, so apart from the fact that this game is basically an unknown, you practically never see people coming here for help. But rest assured that this game does have it's fans.
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4 years ago#3
I'm playing through it again for the 3rd time in order to record videos for my youtube channel. I should be completely done with the playthrough by tonight so I can start uploading.

As far as classes go if you're looking for pure power and raw damage probably nothing is going to beat Jiptus on Edge combined with Diema on Nell. The point of Diema on Nell isn't even really to do damage but for armor break. If you're well versed in synthesizing you can get the Holy Halberd up to 6 hits and Nell's Dragoneer already has high hit so building the burst guage is very easy to do and it eliminates one of the only real weaknesses of Diema and Jiptus since their weapons have low hit counts.

If you time it so it gets to Edge's turn immediately when burst goes off so that the enemy is stunned the entire soul burst crits and does 20k+ damage. You can either straight out kill bosses in 1 hit for most of the game that way and even on end-game bosses it takes out a good 80% of their health instantly. During the shadow stalker fight you can take out a shadow stalker in one soul burst without even having him stunned as soon as he gets to splitting into 3 forms making the fight extremely easy. The final battle is probably the only battle that can really take Edge's soul burst a full two times, every other boss/questmob/enemy gets completely demolished even if they're resistant to it.

Staying in burst really isn't that important if you can build up burst extremely quickly. With a 6 hit Holy Halberd on Edge, and 7 hit on Nell wearing Dragoneer and 6 hit Biscuit on Iris I was going in to burst most of the time before bosses ever got to move. If anything you'd want burst to be over with more quickly so you can build it up again for the free 9 SP bars to soul burst with.

I always found Jiptus to really just break the game and make the other classes rather obsolete when you can either take something out in one hit or two really puts the other classes in a bad contrast.
4 years ago#4
^ I hope you'll include the Mini Puni fight. ;)
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
4 years ago#5
Mini Puni fight? I did all the quests on the board and all that shows up now are repeatable quests now and I don't think I've seen that quest appear. When/how do you get that quest?
4 years ago#6
You've got to complete the Mystery of the Puni quest first for the Last Hero quest to show. Then, if it doesn't show up, then keep taking some other combat quests until ti does. Only available in the last chapter of course, but before going into the Distorted Dimension.
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
4 years ago#7
Ah that's probably why I don't see the quest. I haven't bothered with the Mystery of the Puni quest. I'll probably do it after Uroboros and reload the data. Not really in the mood to kill 200 punis at the moment. Actually the Mystery of the Puni quest isn't even on the board right now all the board quests are repeatables.
4 years ago#8
I finally unlocked the The Last Hero quest after 2 and a half hours of slaying punis and a good 2 hours of doing more monster quests for it to appear and damn this guy is ridiculous. I'm assuming I'm under leveled to fight him since he is killing every single one of my characters including Edge in one hit. Brute force is definitely not going to work on this thing since I'll be wiped out before I can even fill the burst gauge.

I thought I was finished with AI3 but looks like I've got some grinding to do.
4 years ago#9
No, it's not a matter of grinding. It's all about strategy! See if you can work it out, but if you get stuck it's all explained in my FAQ.
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
4 years ago#10
Hi there. I am also still playing Atelier Iris. I played the first 3 games and now I am in the last chapter of this one. (second time playing)

I have to still do the Thief of Century quest. I did not expect such a hard boss so I decided to let him kill me so I could be more prepared.

The Mystery of Puni quest has also turned up. I think I did not see that one the first time I played it. I do have all the blades now.

Now to figure out which blade to use for the thief. Kobold kid.
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