endgame bosses (spoilers)

#1Lukeduke_007Posted 1/25/2008 5:09:56 PM
wtf? after spending five minutes duking it out with Demonic Reist, I expected Gandohar to be uber hard. but i killed him in two hits! are you kidding me? two hits for 370GP! how hard would it have been to make him a worthy challenge, seriously.
#2OblivionFeakPosted 1/25/2008 5:34:37 PM
Pick to be a bad guy and you have to fight a crap load of Paladins. Therres your challenge!
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#3ExaltedDuckPosted 1/25/2008 7:49:06 PM
If Gandohar only took two hits, each of those 4 or 5 paladins will only take one. IMO, the only way to enjoy this game is to treat it like those online RPGS that don't really have clearly defined endings. If not for the exploration aspects and nice graphics, this game would have nothing. It can be enjoyable if you're into those but if you're looking for an epic story or a competently designed and well-balanced character-building exercise, you'll come up dry. (that said, I have played it a lot and had a fairly good time doing it, mostly because I do enjoy exploration in games)
#4Lukeduke_007(Topic Creator)Posted 1/25/2008 9:38:41 PM
i played both endings and and 4 of the paladins dropped in 1 hit with the last (named one) taking 2 or 3. And I totally agree with you ExaltedDuck I love the epic dungeon crawl aspect of this game but I just played the ending to check it out, and i expected the last boss to be super-uber hard, nigh impossible to beat because of the 370GP achievement.