Should I buy this game?

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User Info: bowwowfan20

6 years ago#1
Because Just Cause 2 is one of my favorite games of 2010 and I've been thinking of buying this game. I don't know if i spoiled the fun for this game because I've already played Just Cause 2.
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User Info: baby ice dog

baby ice dog
6 years ago#2
Possibly.... the first JC is pretty clunky-feeling in comparison and the grappling hook is nowhere near as functional. Still, it's a good game, just don't expect so much flashiness, and realise that the side-missions can get pretty samey after a while.
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User Info: AGC 4 Life

AGC 4 Life
6 years ago#3
It's a decent game plus it's cheap ($7 at gamestop).
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