Royal Rumble Trophy and Steve Austin

#1SoapHope5Posted 10/13/2008 7:53:05 PM
i played the season with triple h and i never lost a match but i didnt unlock the royal rumble trophy which made it so i cant unlock steve austin. can someone please help me figure out how to unlock this?
#2sniperfox29Posted 10/15/2008 1:52:53 AM
If you never lost a match, odds on you won the title and never partipated in the royal rumble.

Now before you scream "but i won my match at the royal rumble", the game actually tells you that to unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin you must win the royal rumble match in season mode.

Now when it says royal rumble match, it doesn't mean a match, it means the thirty man over the top rope royal rumble match itself. You know, the one where people come out at two minute intervals. Not just a fatal fourway match for the title.

How do you get in the royal rumble you ask? Well, let's look at this logically, what do you get for winning the royal rumble match? My, a title shot at wrestlemania, so what don't you need before the royal rumble storyline? A title!

Yes my rookie friend, all you need is to drop that title, and then entry into the royal rumble will surely come around sooner or later.

Sorry about your damn luck.
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#3wwervinPosted 10/31/2008 10:34:38 AM

lol sniper fox take it easy on the kid.

Anyway he pretty much explained it in detail. Make sure you DON'T have the title before the RR PPV comes up, that means that you'll be in the match with 29 other people. If you end up winning that, you'll be able to unlock the trophy and Austin.