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4 years ago#1
In my opinion, the best Hitman game yet. Absolution looks like it will turn out to be another Splinter Cell: Convicition, a good game, but a bad Hitman game. Let us remember the kitchen knife rampages, A New Life, the Vegas enviroments, killing the vice president, going dual wield with our Silverballers with magnum ammo, the first time we got a Silent Assassin rating, the melee weapon kill animations, the sernity of Flatline, the customization of our loadout, and finally, the last missions scenery on the coastline.

Let us remember.
4 years ago#2
I love this game.
One of my first favorites on Xbox 360. Going back to it, however, it feels very dated.
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4 years ago#3
Picked this up for another playthrough on the cheap, forgot how much fun this one was!
4 years ago#4
great game, now i wanna go back and replay it. I hope the new one somehow manages to win me over but somehow i doubt it.
4 years ago#5
I just installed this after I picked it up on a Steam sale on the PC ($4!) This was a very awesome game at the time and I like you guys don't know if the new Hit Man game will live up to this one.
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