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so, does anyone actually pay attention to the story? (Archived)
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The perfect way to do the mission Curtains Down. (spoilers) (Archived)Who_Is_It96/11/2010
Can't get special rating achievement! (Archived)KrauserIzGod36/3/2010
Any one have any pictures of the maps for the hospital level (Archived)HELLWOLF0615/20/2010
Level with 47 fools ??(for the achievement (Archived)HELLWOLF0685/18/2010
Achievement Icons (Archived)HELLWOLF0635/17/2010
A Vintage Year :/ HOW do you SA this level i get stuck after i kill 1 of them (Archived)HELLWOLF0625/17/2010
Agency Assistance (Archived)monicapo35/17/2010
If Agent 47 faced off against Agent 007 who would come out victorious? (Archived)HELLWOLF0635/16/2010
Are the graphics on the 360 noticeably better than the original Xbox version? (Archived)Perfect Light35/16/2010
Isn't this supposed to be in games on demand? (Archived)Chosen_one_4145/12/2010
Acheivement for getting al lweapons ... I need help (Archived)HELLWOLF0625/10/2010
short barrle shot gun IS IT WORTH IT? (Archived)HELLWOLF0615/10/2010
CONTRACTS was better (Archived)HELLWOLF0685/10/2010
A New Life ^.^ fun / fastest way into the house (Archived)HELLWOLF0625/10/2010
Massacre Challenge... (Archived)
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I love this game when is the next one. (Archived)remerk55/3/2010
Why can't I just jam my suit in with my rifle? (Archived)clownskull35/2/2010
How are the others? (Archived)Merc12354/27/2010
load times (Archived)BronzeKimberley24/19/2010
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