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7 years ago#1

im thinking of pre-ordering this game but im worryinga little about weither or not my laptop can run it everything seems fine but my laptops graphics: Mobile intel GMA X3100. I dont know a lot about computer graphics but does anyone know if i should be able to run this

7 years ago#2


7 years ago#3
I'd also like to know... I can run WoW but this looks a lot ore intensive (note that I cannot run WoW on max settings. It's fine with textures though, just not shiny stuff).
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7 years ago#4
poast ur spex pl0x.

Hit start, run, type dxdiag, enter. Find your memory (RAM), your CPU (the one that has MHz or GHz), and under the display tab find your video/graphics card.
7 years ago#5
If u can run WoW decently on medium settings you should have no probs running this game also on medium settings,with some other features off, spec glowing, AA settings, shadows.
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