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7 years ago#1

I just preordered the game last night. I missed out on getting to play the beta so I haven't got to try out the classes. After reading up on the classes and watching videos, I've narrowed down my main character choice to either assassin or ranger. For those that got to play the beta, which class do you think is better for pvp? Equally geared and skilled, which would win between the two and which does better overall vs all classes in pvp?

7 years ago#2
Group - Ranger
Solo - Assassin
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7 years ago#3
To be honest, I'd lean towards the ranger. Same stealth capabilities as the Sin, but with more ranged attacks means less craziness in mobility in air fights. But if you had to ask me, if they went 1v1, it would just depend on who would get the drop first, who would get the preemptive.
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7 years ago#4
Same stealth capabilities as the Sin

Incorrect. At higher levels the Ranger's stealth can be easily revealed by abilities other classes have. The Assassin, however, obtains a higher form of stealth that is only detectable by other Assassins.
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7 years ago#5
My mistake then, I did not notice that stealth capabilities were upgraded at later levels. Sorry.

In that case, in a 1v1 scenario, Id pick Sin to win. In fact, just go with what the first guy said. Ranger for groups, Sin for solos.
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7 years ago#6
7 years ago#7
I can give you a basic breakdown of how each will fare against the various classes but bear in mind skill level may cause a different outcome in each Screnario. Ranger first, Assassin second.

Ranger vs Templar:
Expect the Ranger to fare quite nicely in this situation. If they do a good job of keeping a distance throughout the match they have a good chance of coming out on top. Unfortunately, if the Templar closes in, which they will quite often, the Ranger is going to be hit, and hard.

Ranger vs Sorcerer:
Ranger is going to beat the sorcerer most of the time at endgame. Silence arrow will render the Sorc almost completely powerless while the Sorc's silence will not be able to stop the physical capabilities of the Ranger's bow. A Ranger also has many instant spells while the sorc has to wait for casting times, during which the ranger can interrupt with a crit.

Ranger vs Gladiator:
The Ranger will not do so well in this situation. The glad has too many stuns, which if landed, will allow them to completely dessimate the squishy ranger.

Ranger vs Cleric:
Silence arrow will come in handy here, making it nearly impossible for the cleric to keep their HP up. When there are scrolls to negate this effect, the Cleric becomes much more of a nuisance.

Ranger vs Chanter:
The Chanter will be able to fare well against the ranger but I feel that the Ranger will still come out on top in this situation. Silence arrow is once again a blessing.

Assassin vs Templar:
The Assassin will be able to do a good amount of damage but the Health pool of the Templar will make it difficult for the Sin to defeat them.

Assassin vs Sorcerer:
The Assassin is going to swoop in and do massive dammage to the sorc in this case. The sorc has its CCs but by the time they get out of Range, expect the Sin to have dealt a good amount of damage, if the job is not already finished that is.

Assassin vs Gladiator:
From what I've seen, a Gladiator will find it quite difficult to best an Assassin. While the Glad has more Health, their DPS is subpar in comparison to the Sin and in the end the latter will most likely come out on top.

Assassin vs Cleric:
The fact that the Assassin will get a jump on its opponent in close quarters means the Cleric will have a tough time lasting long against it. Expect the Assassin to come out as the victor here.

Assassin vs Chanter:
Chanters will be a Tossup. I have seen them win against Sins and lose against them. In this case, skill level is a huge factor.

Both are wonderful PvP classes IMO. You just really need to see which you enjoy most, and which you are better playing as.
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7 years ago#8
Is there a place to see what all of the assassin and ranger skills do? I still can't decide between the two, as I constantly shift favor.
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7 years ago#9

Nice breakdown of the matchups. I found a nice ranger pvp video:

Ranger seems fun to play. I really like the mechanics of the class. Got some nice cc and tricks. I also like the rushdown style of assassin from some vids i seen. I'll probably play both but for now looks like I'll be going ranger.

7 years ago#10
I played a ranger for a while in the OB. I liked the melee aspects of the class a lot though and from my experience with Sins while playing my Sorc, I have decided to roll a Sin on the twentieth. Rangers are certainly enjoyable too though ^_^
Afraid of being alone and abandoned when Aion releases? We can help ^_^
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