My fellow Gladiators: Polearms or Greatswords?

#11BlackRose203Posted 10/8/2009 4:31:34 PM
So if you like to gamble go Polearms. And really if you like this game than you like to gamble.
#12nothv13Posted 10/8/2009 6:07:59 PM
polearms till you can softcap crit with a greatsword, then greatsword for the additional accuracy and parry. Why? because the more we crit, the more we knock people down, the more we knock people down the less damage we take, the more we interrupt them, the more chances we have to use our downed opponent skills.
#13TheExileJediPosted 10/8/2009 6:34:02 PM
Exactly, Polearms should be your weapon of choice when given the chance until Critical hit soft cap (that's at 440, where every additional point has a GREATLY diminished effect that is not noticeable)

Then once you reach 440 crit without polearm in tow, then you cna switch to greatswords which trump in accuracy and consistency, yo cans till do AOE and everything else.

However, in either case, pre or post soft cap, you rarely have the choice of buying a polearm or a greatsword of a similar level at the same time, so just go with the next hard upgrade, if ti just so happens your level 17 spear is trumped by a level 19 sword, use the sword even though it has not as much critical, because honestly, if a sword has damage range above a polearm, its a good sword
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#14CABadgerowPosted 10/8/2009 6:36:34 PM
Exile pretty much hit it on the nose.
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#15Zangetsu84Posted 10/8/2009 7:22:44 PM
The Polearm has a chance to hit 4x whereas the Greatsword has a chance to hit for 3 at most.
A higher critical chance means you can start socketing Attack manastones once you hit the softcap.
That means, in the end game, the Polearm will give better skill damage on top of better auto-attack damage.

Theres only 1 time you should ever use a Greatsword as a Gladiator, and thats when tanking.

Yes, tanking.

The parry rating on a Greatsword is equivelent to the block rating on a shield. Unless you've enchanted your shield like crazy, a parry will reduce incoming damage as much as a blue shield(40%). The only reason Templars even use shields to tank with is because most of their threat tools require you to equip one.
#16TheExileJediPosted 10/8/2009 7:30:52 PM
I need to check again but I'm pretty sure both Greatsword and Polearm have the same ammount of strikes, I remember having a conflict on what to choose from pernos, they both ahd the same ammount of strikes but Polearm won out with higher damage range and crit rate.

Greatswords are fantastic for surviveability as so mentioned, and even more reason why that if you ahve the opportunity to upgrade to greatsword once past soft cap, you should
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#17Zangetsu84Posted 10/8/2009 7:42:06 PM

Theres a reason why people socket crit first, and attack second.
You can socket more attack manastones in a polearm than you can with a greatsword once you've hit the crit cap.
polearms >>>>> greatswords for damage
Its not a hard concept to grasp.

Leave the damage dealing capabilities of a greatsword to the templar.
They have access to skills that specifically utilize it.
#18TheExileJediPosted 10/8/2009 8:15:06 PM
I am not saying you should entirely abandon polearms for greatswords, usually you take whatever is the next best.

But remember, once you got the crit rate up, you need to actually hit the bloody enemy!

Its clear what the dichotomy between Greatswords and Polearms is:

Polearms: High crit rate, inconsistent damage range, innacurate (you begin to feel the misses the higher you go) more possible hits. low parry

Greatsword: normal crit rate, very consistent damage, although lower, accurate, higher parry

now once you hit crit cap, one of Polearm's advantages is chucked out the window, because after 440 its all the same. Inconsistent damage and low accuracy at high level PVP (less important in PVE) means that if you ever hit that dodgy assassin, it will be the bottom half of a HUGE damage range half the time. Remember, that the lowest hit on a Greatsword is higher than the lowest Polearm.

So, its a matter of preference Do you want to pray for high damage on your rare hits or get constants stream?

its always been the conflict, steady vs burst dps

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